Simon Cumbers
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9 June 2004 - Simon is remembered at the Journalists altar at St Brides Church , Fleet Street, London EC4. The altar is at the back of the church on the left hand side. You can visit the church at any time and light a candle for Simon by his name and photograph.

10 June 2004 - Simon can be remembered in handwritten messages in a book of condolence at the BBC News World Planning desk, Television Centre.

19 June 2004 - A private Thanksgiving Service will be held on 22 June in London to celebrate Simon's life and achievements.  Simon's funeral will be held in Ireland on 29 June.  Louise asks for family flowers only.  For those who wish, donations can be made in Simon's memory to his favourite charlity, BIBIC, The British Insitiute for Brain Injured Children.  Donations can be made online at or by post at BIBIC, Knowle Hall, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA7 8PJ.

There are plans to hold a Memorial Service at St Brides' Church, Fleet Street, London, UK later this year to which all will be welcome.

Sincere Condolences to the family of Simon.
From Sean (a friend of Simon's brother Stephen) and Vida Birkhead.

Sean and Vida Birkhead, Ireland

Just wanted to say sorry. A fellow Irishman feels for your family at this time and hopes that Frank makes a good recovery from such a tragic incident.
Rob, Ireland

All of us in the office are still in a state of numbness. We still expect to hear Simon's voice coming on the phone to enquire about the latest developments in the peace process here. He loved working in Northern Ireland and made many friends. His beaming smile, big heart and ever optimistic nature was a joy to all who came into contact with him. He was never cynical, a rare attribute in a business such as this.
Simon, we will miss you. God Bless. All our love to Louise, his family, work colleagues and friends. From all at Visionworks TV, Belfast.

Alan Morton, Visionworks, Northern Ireland, UK

Dear Louise, I am very sorry to hear about Simon. He was a wonderful man and will be sorely missed. My thoughts and prayers are with you in this dreadful time.  Anna Murray, APTN, London, UK

I first met Simon in Moscow in about 1994 while He (working for APTN), my future wife Anna and I (working for CNN) were waiting with a press gaggle for Russian Foreign Minister Kozyrev to do a photo-op. He and Anna had started talking because they were both from Ireland. He had a big grin, joked and talked in a way only Irish people can. We all shared a candy bar after waiting for so long for Kozyrev, instant friends. Simon was someone you could become instant friends with easily.  I next met up with Simon when I moved to CNN London, hanging outside Downing street on cold days, and we spent a lot of time together in Northern Ireland in all the press scrums in the lead-up to the Good Friday agreement. Simon was the guy everyone knew. He was also the guy that everyone knew you could go to for help- need an audio feed?- no problem, duct tape?- no problem, know a good place for dinner?- no problem.  Simon left APTN and started a freelance company with his wife Louise. Often times, I would call him for a freelancer. He would often come work for us himself particularly in Northern Ireland or if he was busy he would send someone else. His Company provided Charlie Miller, the cameraman who is famous for his live coverage of Walt Rodgers zipping across the desert during the Iraq war and maybe more importantly for surviving living in desert conditions with Walt.
Simon was always concerned about the level of cameramen he sent CNN, he once provided a cameraman who we thought was not very good, he didn't charge us for it and was on the phone with me for quite a while trying to find out what the problems were and apologising for them.
In the last few years he has worked for CNN less as the BBC was using him more and more. But he was always keen to help us find someone if I was coming up short on my usual list of freelancers. He always asked about my wife when he talked to me and my wife tells me he always asked her about me at the BBC when she saw him there. I know he loved Louise as he talked about her whenever I saw him as well.  Simon was a fantastic friendly guy- It is a shame and a shock to see him gone. It is a tragic waste. I will miss seeing him and talking to him every once in a while.
Todd Baxter, Chief Cameraman, CNN, London, UK

The greatest tribute to life is to live it. The greatest
tribute for those who have gone on before us, the words of
those we lived with. Simon's life has reached many from
within this profession. God speed, young man. We'll see
you down the road.
Earl Casey, CNN, Atlanta, USA

This is an awful tragedy. We miss Simon as a friend, neighbour and great cameraman. Are thoughts are with you. Adrian Wells, London, UK

It is the true measure of the man that there are so many people here at Turner Sports who are truly despondent over the loss. It seems like yesterday that we were in the idyllic world of SW19 where the most important decision was whether a Pete Sampras interview deserved 2 or 3 cameras. Simon was always so involved in our effort - talking to me several times each year about ways we could improve the operation. Several times over these past few days I thought that if TNT had kept Wimbledon that Simon may have come home before tragedy struck. He was loyal to the core and was one of the main reasons we felt so comfortable each summer in London. Howard Zalkowitz, Senior Producer, Turner Sports, Atlanta, USA

Dearest Cumbers, I can't find the words to say how much I will miss having you around. you were a dear friend and saw me through some of my best and worst moments. You were the cameraman of a rookie producer's dreams - and im really sorry i forgot to put the lights up for the live on HMS Illustrious and Ive always remembered since. Whenever I manage to get champagne through expenses I will think of you We'll never forget you .
All my love, Cayford xxx
Joanne Cayford, BBC, London, UK

Louise, the thoughts of all of us in the Baghdad Bureau are with you at the moment.  Anyone who met Simon, even briefly will have realised instantly what an incredible person he was. Those of us who worked with him also got to see the extraordinary range of his talents and experience his incredible generosity of spirit.  Above all he was just a lovely man and it breaks my heart to think that we'll never see him again.
Jo Floto, BBC, Baghdad, Iraq

I was broken up to hear the news of Simon's death. He and I worked together ten years ago as reporters at ITN and we laughed a lot together. I always admired how he followed his dream and learned a new craft, working his way up to prosper at the highest levels. We flew back together from Iraq after the war last year, enjoying a drink and swapping personal and professional news. I have lost a couple of friends in the Middle East already in the past year or so, and to lose another seems so hurtful and wasteful.
Nick Walshe, ITN, UK

A tragedy, a life cut down in it's prime, a career moving towards it's peak. The decisions you made were sound. Bless you, my heart goes out to you family, may they find the strength to move forward and cherish your memory.
Clay Pilfold, BBC, UK

Having the pleasure of working with Simon for two years at Wimbledon while with TNT, I'll say he was the perfect mix of calm, cool and classy. Simon knew how to keep his head while those about him were losing theirs. He was a delight to work with and a kind, friendly person. His loss is a great tragedy.
Joel Drucker, TNT, USA

To the families of Simon and Frank, my deepest, most heartfelt condolences. I didn't know Simon but I knew his type, the sort of person who has made my many years in this business so worthwile. It's tragic and unfair that such people are taken from us.  Frank, get better, be well when you can, and the thoughts of an entire community are with you, and with Amanda and Louise and the children. The professionalism and courage that Frank and Simon have shown us is the best of what journalism and TV are all about.
Daniel Lak, USA

I'm just dropping you a line to say how sorry I was to hear about Simon's death in Saudi Arabia. Although I never worked with Simon, his name came up quite often, when people discussed the best crews to have onboard. He was becoming one of the legends that producers talk of (if he wasn't there already). People here are still shocked that this could happen where it did. I can't imagine how shocked and saddened this has left all of Simon's family and friends. My thoughts are with you. All the best Declan Wilson, Senior Producer,BBC TV News Planning, London, UK 

I, and many of my colleagues were both shocked and deeply saddened by the news of Simon's murder.  I first met Simon in the Indian Ocean in HMS Illustrious, where he, Kate Adie and Joanne Cayford were covering the 'War against Terror' at a most tense time following the attacks of September the 11.  His humanity, zest for life and total professionalism shone through and he made a real impact both with myself and the Ship's company.  I would like to pass on my sincerest condolences to Louise and his family at such a terrible time, and only hope those capable of such a terrible act are brought to justice swiftly. He will be sadly missed. Lieutenant Commander Steven Krosnar-Clarke Royal Navy and on behalf of all who knew Simon from HMS ILLUSTRIOUS

I would like first to give thanks to Simon's parents for giving birth to such a great man.Thanks. And then he became a man and she married to you Louise and you made him the most happy man in the world.Thanks. And I say thanks again but this time to you Simon. You made me believe I was good at my job. You believed in me and turned me up when I was down. And you told me to stay, and I promised you I would. And I will! You'll always be in my hart. God bless you and thanks again.
Fernando Moreno, Spain

I have known Simon for many years and kept bumping into him on foreign assignemnts, strange considering we live about a mile from each other. Whenever I met him he was such a great guy to be around. Always chatty and friendly with everyone. He had a real joy of life. He will be greatly missed. My thoughts are with Louise. Also I wish Frank a speedy recovery.
Philip Bloom, UK

Dear Louise, Simon's death touches us all in so many ways. He was funny and smart and dedicated to his work -- a true professional and a super great guy. What a joy he was to work with, brightening up any assignment with insight and intelligence and much-needed wit. Please know that we share your loss and grieve with you. With love, Penny
Margaret Lowrie, London, UK

For my Brother
We miss you,
Stephen, Cait, Ciaran, Liam and Grainne.

Stpehen Cumbers, Ireland

Like everyone else, I was shocked and deeply upset when the news of Simon's death reached me. I had the pleasure of working with him during the 90's at both APTN and SNTV. Professionally, he was easy to work with. As a novice field producer, he suffered my inexperience with grace and professionalism, encouraging me with the immortal line (that still lives in my memory) that I was "browning up nicely".  The fact that his death makes no sense doesn't deaden the sadness and frustration that I, and others, are feeling.  Simon -- Slán agus beannacht leat. Goodbye and blessings with you!
Kevin Maxwell, Sydney, Aust


David Clinch, CNN, USA

I wasd so shocked and saddened to hear the news of Simons murder I have been left muted. We met in London some four years ago and he struck me as such a straight forward and honest person. Always concerned with how everyone else on the crew was doing before he did something for himself. He loved being the negotiator among a group of wound-up cameramen outside waiting for a scrum. I rememer once in Nice - at one of those Euro Summits - he convinced a huge gang of photographers to act in a civil manner so that we could all get a good shot. It worked for a while at first, but as in every crowd, one guy just couldnt take the order and calm of it all and sprinted out in front of us. Chaos quickly prevailed and Simon was forced to join in with the rest of us and elbow it out for some lousy 4 second shot. I saw that it really got to him. All he wanted was a decent picture and for everyone else to have the same chance. It was like talking to a wall.... Sorry Simon. I guess you have left us to fight this one out on our own. It's almost obvious what happens next. Peace be with you and Louise. With the best of memories, Alfredo
Alfredo DeLara, USA

Simon - a trip to Zurich; hardly your typical hotel, excessive canapes and not much of a story to be honest. But we chased the football chiefs around and had a ball doing it! Your humour and your joie de vivre, even with this run-of-the-mill story, I will long remember.
David Eades, BBC, UK

I was devastated to hear of Simon's premature death. He was such a nice bloke that his passing has affected so many people around the world not least amongst those of us from australia who had the privilege to with him and get to know him personally. Louise.. even though I am on the other side of the world please know that our hearts go out to you and if there ever is anything we can do please don't hesitate to call, as you guys have helped many in the past. Lots of love. P.S. I will always remember the juggling lessons.
Dave Oliver, Australia

Always so positive, always so friendly, always so professional. We will miss you buddy,Cheers. Rob Celliers,APTN, Baghdad, Iraq

It's hard to believe Simon won't come wandering through the Jerusalem office door, ready to sort out another BBC mess in the Middle East. It was a privilege and a pleasure to have worked with him. We'll all miss the banter and the happy smile.
Andrew Steele, BBC, Israel

Dear Louise, we were all shocked to hear of Simon's tragic death. Our 3 children Kate, David & Lee have all expressed their sympathy & concerns for you, and Loz & Tim at this time. We have been thinking of you constantly since we heard the news. Our thoughts & prayers are with you. With much love.
Paul & Pauline O'Brien, Australia

Accurate reporting of global events has never been more important than it is now now. Simon and Frank were doing a dangerous but necessary job. Louise, our thoughts and sympathy are with you. We hope that Frank makes a speedy recovery.
Theo Leggett, UK

We in the Rome Bureau remember Simon very well from the times he came down to help us out in crunch periods during chaos in Albania and war in Kosovo.  As others, we remember his constant good humor and willingness to work. I don't think I ever saw Simon without a smile on his face.  In particular, I remember working with Simon for a couple weeks in Brindisi in Southern Italy when thousands of Albanian immigrants were arriving on rickety boats every night.  Simon would go out on Coast Guard boats all night, film rescue operations, come back to port at dawn and hand me the tape, sleep for a few hours, and then he was up again and ready to go with a smile on his face.  It seemed that he never got tired.  He also seemed to us to be someone who loved his life, not someone who would have chosen to risk it.  For that reason, we are all the more saddened by his tragic early death. Please pass on our sympathies to his wife and family.
Patricia Thomas, APTN, Rome, Italy

Words can't express the saddness that is felt from all the cameramen, producers and jurno's who knew and have worked with Simon. For me he will be saddly missed, when I first moved to England to start freelancing I met Simon at CNN, his advice and assistance helped me get established here, it will never be forgotten. For his wife Louise I can only offer you my best wishes during this hard time and that my thoughts are with you and all of Simons family. To All at Locum Productions, the same applies, we have all lost a wonderful friend and colleague.
Rodney Herbert, Cameraman, CNN, London, UK

It seems impossible to find the words that can capture the man.
In the dark hours after the news of Simon's killing, I thought of the times we had worked together, and realised how much of it had been spent laughing.
Another BBC colleague summed it up best - 'With Simon you almost forgot you were working.' When I first met Simon I foolishly imagined I might be able to take him on, on the talking front - given that I share his Irish background. Of course, I was wrong. Simon's extraodinary range of technical and journalistic skills were outclassed only by his humour. His colleagues never failed to become his friends. He will be greatly missed by us all. My deepest sympathies to Louise, about whom he spoke so often during our time together out in the field.

Orla Guerin, BBC, Israel

I'll always remember your smiling face, Simon. A tragic waste of a young life. RIP. Deepest sympathy to Louise and let's hope Frank pulls through.
Simon Cole, UK

I worked with Simon during the birth of APTV. He always had a smile on his face and a good word for everyone. He always wanted to be a cameraman and that he made that happen so successfully is a tribute to his skill and professionalism. To lose someone so you and talented is truly a tragedy.
Phil O'Keefe, APTN, London, UK

Dear Louise and all, Simon's death is a great loss to us all. I wish you great strength in this difficult time. My deepest sympathy.
Malcolm Jeffries,Procam TV, London, UK

We last met in Istanbul, allready more than a year ago. Shurely you were your smily, happy self, cheering up the whole team. We had unexpectadly no story on hand, so we put our cameras aside and had time to talk a lot. Certainly, it was a good time to enjoy your company. We will miss you a great deal! I send my condolences to Louise and family and my thought are with Frank and his family and hope for a quick recovery.
Maarten Lernout, BBC cameraman, Brussels, Belgium

I can remember working alongside Simon many times when I was working as a press photographer. He was always friendly, chatty and professional and helped many "doorsteps" pass quicker. My sincere condolences to his wife, family and friends adnd my best wishes to Frank's quick and full recovery.
Martin Beddall, UK

Worked along side Simon a few times over the past years. Always was a Gent and good humored even in those sometimes heated exchanges between Cameramen and Photographers. He will be missed.                Justin Leighton, UK

I first met Simon at Channel 4 daily. He was good fun, clever. A laugh. He was a talented reporter then who became a talented photojournalist. Simon was always committed, enthusiastic. I always remember him with that smile on his face, that you can see in this picture. It is such a tragic loss.
My condolences go out to Louise and the rest of his family. I am so so sorry.

Caroline Bannock, UK

My dear Simon. None of us can believe you've gone, snatched away from us so suddenly, so unexpectedly and so cruelly. You were life personified: always full of fun and chat, even at the most tedious moment of the most tedious assignment. Do you remember the first time we met, on a story in Argentina? You did great stuff for me there and on subsequent stories - I remember driving around Istanbul with you admiring its incredible beauty. You often did yourself down as a cameraman, but the truth is you were a great guy to have on any team: a perfect all rounder, who could shoot, edit and produce. You were no mean entrepreneur either! Most importantly though, Simon, you lived your ridiculously short life to the full, and that is a lesson to all of us. It was always a ball working with you dear friend. We'll miss you so much and our hearts go out to Louise. The only tiny comfort I cling to is that you died doing a job you loved.
Ben Brown, BBC, UK

Once met never forgoten a real gent. Ian Vogler, UK

I did not know Simon very well but on the few occasions we met he was such a great guy to chat with and to work with him was an honour. I can only say how shocked and upset I was to hear of his murder and send my condolences to Louise and the families.  Harry Rabbie, UK

Good-bye Mr Pink! This is not a sobriquet, but a reminder of a night in Derry when a milk bottle full of pink paint destined to an RUC land rover hit you. It was in the dead of night in the middle of a riot, I first thought that it was blood; as I dragged you aside, screaming for your camera, we were soon laughing about it. My shock and your pain, when looking at each other, covered in Pink paint. We both enjoyed the next day's shopping at company expense. I will remember you as the intense professional that you were and as lovely human being!
Anthony Headley, France

Simon, like me, was one of the original team to work on the start up of APTV in 1994. APTV was ahead of its time in terms of wanting Journalists to multi-skill. Simon was one of the new breed and quickly established an interest in Camerawork and also the Technical side of the business. I use to enjoy explaining all the Technical nitty gritty. Simon was quite simply the nicest guy you could ever want to meet and I never once saw him lose his cool or say a bad word about anyone. I last saw Simon outside the American Coloney Hotel in East Jerusalem, all loaded up with his one man band goodies. We had a good chat and said goodbye. My sincere condolences to Simon's loved ones.
Nick Evansky, APTN, London, UK

I am terribly shocked to hear of Simon's death. Everyone who knew and worked along Simon will miss him very much. I am privileged to have worked along side Simon. Unlike Simon, the press camera people are the "unsung" heros and the eyes for the world. With depest sympathy. Also, I wish a very speedy recovery for Frank. Come on Frank we need you.
Suresh Karadia, UK

Dear Louise, please accept my deepest sympathies over Simon's tragic death. I have known Simon since I first started working on Fleet street 11 years ago and we struck up a great working friendship especially when covering any stories in Ireland. Simon was and will always be remembered as a shining light who just lit up any situation he found himself in and I am honoured to have known and worked with him. I wish Frank a full and quick recovery and both your families are in my constant thoughts and prayers.  Kieran Doherty, UK

It was with sadness that we learnt of the tragic death of Simon Cumbers while on assignment in Saudi Arabia---the South African bureau of APTN would like to pass on our sincere condolences to his wife and family and wish a speedy recovery for correspondent Frank Gardner. Simon was part of the APTV family when we launched way back in 1995 and his tragic passing away in this manner only serves to remind us of how vulnerable we all are in todays volatile world of news gathering.  Alvin Andrews, APTN, South Africa

I met Simon a few times on various foreign stories and want to offer every sympathy to his wife and family. He always seemed good humoured, and charming company. It's so sad and tragic for him to be cut down in such a way. I hope Frank Gardner will recover and return home as soon as possible. Iolo ap Dafydd, BBC, Wales, UK

I just wanted to pass on my heartfelt symapthies to Louise who I worked with while at LNN. I met Simon only once, in a pub with Fiona Drews, but I can still remember his wicked sense of humour - they were a great couple.
Tony Grew, UK

Simon was a great colleague, and I am very sad that I won't be having any more stimulating and entertaining conversations with him. Whether on location as a fellow cameraman, or getting us out of a hole with his perfectly documented camera equipment , he was a true professional.
I only saw him a few times a year, but I regarded him as a friend, and will remember him for his charm and wisdom. My thoughts are with Louise, and his family. 
Chas Ross, BBC, UK

Simon was the first person I worked with for TV. I feel very lucky to have been able to do so. He was always very helpful and made the work very straightforward and a pleasure. Simon was a top cameraman. He was first class both in his profession and as a person.
Ramon Abarca, Telecinco, London, UK

Although I didn't work alongside Simon very often, on those occasions he was always up there with the top pros. Cheerful, interested and just plain good at what he did. Another fine colleague gone in the most dispicable way. I'm so sorry Louise... Johnny was always so full of news about you and Simon, what can I say? Thinking of you in this terrible time.
Tim Lambon, UK

Everyone at Channel 4 News is aghast at the news of Simon's death, and we are all thinking of Louise at this time. Our thoughts are also with Amanda as we hope or pray for Frank's recovery. Many people here knew Simon and appreciated him both as a person and a journalist and cameraman. Frank is tremendously admired for his knowledge and understanding of the Arab world. We are all mourning with you.
Lindsey Hilsum, International Editor, Channel 4 News, London, UK

A smile has gone, and what a smile it was. Simon was effortlessly cheerful, endlessly fun, elegantly helpful. He knew both sides of the camera and many sides of life. I raise a glass to one of Irelands finest and send condolences to Louise.
Tim Marshall, Foreign Affairs Editor, Sky News, UK 

A dreadful, dreadful loss. I knew Simon first at ITN and then at LNN. As well as being a great TV news talent, he was simply the nicest of people - which makes his murder all the harder to bear. Louise, I am so sorry. My deepest condolences to you and your families. As Nick Walshe says, it is heartbreaking how many friends and colleagues we have lost one way or another in the past 18 months.
Simon Bucks, Sky News, UK

Dear Louise, we Were so shcked and Saddened to Hear of Your tragic loss and our thoughts and prayers are with You and The Family at this time . I am sorry i did not get The chance to meet Simon but i am pleased to have spoken to Him a couple of times on The phone and He seemed The most Genuine and Cheeriest of a Chap and am sure He will be Very sadly missed by all . Please take care and Love From all Your extended Family Here in Scotland.
Vic Thomson, Scotland, UK

It feels like an outrage that someone as amazing and dedicated to the truth as Simon should have died this way. I can only say that his attitude to life and to journalism was an inspiration and a model of dedication.
I remember meeting Frank in the BBC World reporters' room just as he was setting off to the Middle East as a stringer at the end of 1997. He was charming, brilliant and totally without airs. We talked for a long while about his plans and his knowledge of the region. I knew he was an exceptional man and felt so delighted to watch his career progress as it did. I was also grateful -- both as a journalist, and as a viewer, for his honest, informed reports through the horrors of the 9/11. Often it seemed that he cut through the hysteria of much reporting on the war on terror. He's been a voice of reason and calm, but has never held back from telling the harsh truth. I wish Frank all the best for his recovery. And I'd just like Louise and Frank and all of Simon's and Frank's families to know my thoughts are with them, and to wish them all the best at this terrible time.

Samira Ahmed, ITN, London, UK

If you were working on a story with Simon, his presence made you feel good about it, however lousy the circumstances. A combination of competence and a lively spirit. There weren't many like him. Dick Blystone, ex-CNN, UK

I first met Simon when he came to work at LNN in the early nineties. He was a delight to work with - always enthusiastic, persuasive and fun. His courage, professionalism and popularity as a freelance camera operator were well known. He'll be greatly missed by colleagues from many parts of the television news industry. I send my deep sympathy to Louise and to Simon's family in Ireland. Vicky Knighton, ITN, UK

I was deeply shocked and saddened to learn of the brutal murder of a fellow news gatherer from Ireland. Although I never knew Simon colleagues of mine at the British Press Photographers Association have worked alongside him, covering news events. Terrorism will never be allowed to prevail in a free World and I pray that those who took Simon from us will be caught and brought before the Light of Justice.
Gerard Jefferson-Lewis, Irish Photojournalist, UK

Sincere condolences to Louise and Simon's family. I work with Stephen and I would just like to let you know that my thoughts are with you and your family in this time of grief.  Liz O'Connor, Ireland

Dear Louise, We would like to express you our deeply sadness about what happened to Simon. It’s been three years that we were working together for ETB (basque television) and ATLAS Telecinco (Madrid). We want you to know what a deep sense of loss we have felt. Such a great person like Simon doesn’t deserve that. We will remind always his kindness, his seriousness and his good sense of humour all the time. We know it is a difficult time you are going through, and we would like to express you our deepest condolences. Our sympathy to Simon's family and friends. Kinds Regards.   Billy Garlick and Alexandra Casanueva, BG Télévision, France

Sincere Condolences to Simon's family and friends. From Paul Dunne (a colleague of Simon's brother Stephen, in Meath County Council).  
Paul Dunne, Ireland

I only met Simon once -- in the BBC Jerusalem bureau during some flare-up of violence. I never had what I'm told was the huge pleasure of working with him directly. but I won't forget him cheerily helping a near-stranger write a cv for a job I was applying for. a man with a huge heart -- what a tragic loss.  Caroline Hawley, BBC, Baghdad, Iraq

Am so sorry to hear of your loss, thinking of your family at this time. Deirdre Mac Dermott, Ireland

Deepest sympathy to all of Simons family. Larry Whelan, Ireland

A tragic loss of a wonderful man and a great Cammo. My condolonces to Louise and all your family. We will miss you mate.
Ben Tessler, Channel 9, Australia

Dear Louise, Please accept my sincere condolences on the news of Simon's tragic death. I have fondest memories of working with Simon in Northern Ireland and that mega-watt smile that lit up every story. A wonderful guy. I am so very sorry. Until we meet again, you are in my thoughts and prayers.
Go well my friend.
Karen Davies, The Sunday Telegraph, London, UK

Sorry to hear of the sudden death of Simon Cumbers. His brother Stephen is a good worker at Meath County Council and a sound friend. My deepest sympathy goes out to all his family.
Brian McCormack, Ireland

So sorry to hear about this awful tragedy. Catherine Kelly, Ireland

My sincere condolences to the Cumbers family and especially to my colleague Stephen on the loss of his brother. Michelle Galvin, Ireland

Simon and I spent many long nights and days in the North for Drumcree and the Ormeau Bridge in 1994/5 - he was always full of life and fun - he will be much missed. My condolences to you all. Paul Francis, BBC, UK

Dear Louise, I was so very sad to hear the tragic news about Simon. You have built together a tremendous reputation in the years since your LNN days and Simon has touched so many people lives. I hope you can take some comfort from the host of wonderful tributes that have been sent in. My thoughts and prayers are with you. With sincere condolences.
Denise Harker, Ex LNN MD, London, UK

My thoughts are with Louise and Simon's family. I worked with Simon for a lengthy period at APTN and bumped into him on various jobs after he had set-up Locum with Louise. I was used to seeing that smiling face whenever we met. A clever guy with a great outlook on life and a lovely sense of humour. You'll be missed by many, such a big loss. 
Andy Stoneham, Stone Facilities, London, UK

Sincere condolonces to the Cumbers family on your sudden and tragic loss. May he rest in peace. Michael Fitzsimons, Civil Defence Officer, Meath County Council, Ireland

Louise, my thoughts are with you, your family and everyone who knew and loved Simon. I met Simon briefly in Baghdad last year and I'll never forget his brilliant sense of humour and generosity. A true colleague, team workers and friend. Sadly missed.
Shelley Thakral, BBC, Delhi, India

Deepest sympathy to the family of a galant, brave reporter.
Noel Nevin, Ireland

On my own behalf and on behalf of the staff of Trim Town Council and indeed the people of Trim we extend our sympathy to the family of Simon. His courage in facing obvious danger should inspire us all to strive to work for the common godd of all.
Larry McEntee, Ireland

My condolences on the death of Simon Cumbers.  Angela Brereton, Ireland

Deepest sympathy to Stephen and his family at this sad time. You are all in my thoughts.
Ingrid O'Connor, Ireland

I was shocked and upset to hear the news of Simon's murder. Simon was a colleague, friend and a great person. He was always enthusiastic, dedicated and truely professional. With his infectious smile and happiness, he was a caring man. He will be sadly missed. My thoughts, love and deepest condolences to Louise and Simon's family in Ireland. God bless you Simon. Rest in Peace.
Paul Mongey, London, UK

Sincere condolences to Stephen, Caitriona, Louise and all of Simons family and friends.  Bernadine Carry and Richie Finegan, Ireland

To Stephen & Cumbers family & Louise, our sincere sympathy to hear the sad loss of your brother Simon. Our thoughts are with you all.
John & Pauline McCormack, Ireland

Express my sympathy on your sad loss----with God there is forgiveness and mercy. 
Peter Brady, Ireland

Just wanted to say how very, very sad and shocked I was to hear of Simon's death. He was a fantastic man and cameraman, and great fun to work with. I remember working with him in Bhuj in India, after the earthquake there. Despite horrible living conditions, he kept us all smiling - yet at the same time, managed to produce incredibly powerful images that showed all those watching the level of devastation to people's homes and lives in Bhuj. He was also so understated about his talents. Words may be of little comfort to his family, but I none of us who worked with Simon will ever forget him - he was a truly unique and wonderful man. 
Caroline Wyatt, BBC, Paris, France

I wish to convey my sincere condolences to Simon's family and to the Cumbers family in Navan. God Bless.
Ken Reilly and family, Meath County Council, Ireland

I wish to express my sincere sorrow to Simon Cumbers family both here in Ireland and in England.
Julie Purfield, Ireland

I sat in stunned silence when I heard the news about Simon. I still can't believe it's true. I spoke to him often from the BBC planning desk and he was always incredibly helpful and cheerful. I first worked with him in France 3 years ago on a story that suddenly became very busy. We were a small team and I was still quite inexperienced - he was fantastic and I was so grateful to have him with me. I will miss him a lot. My deepest sympathy to Louise and his family. 
Manon van Vark, BBC World Planning, London, UK

My sincere condolences to Louise, the Cumbers family and especially to my work colleague Stephen on the loss of his brother Simon.
Adrienne Clarke, Ireland

Sincere Condolences to Simon's family and friends. 
Karen Dalton, a colleague of Simon's brother Stephen, Meath Co Co, Ireland

Sincere condolences to Simon's family, who lost a very brave man.
Best wishes to Frank for a speedy recovery. 
Eamon Cooke, Ireland

My dear friend, what a tragic loss. For the past three years you have been popping round to my house delivering or collecting camera and edit kit. You've always had a happy smile on your face and you've always said to me before those assignments to Baghdad 'You take care'. The whole of my family are deeply upset, the kids remember you're 'big van' as they called it. My wife Kristina tells a story of the three of us sitting down having coffee recently and her asking you why you didn't go to Baghdad. Your reply to her was that I was completely mad and it was far too dangerous. Now it is your life which has been taken all too soon. Professionally you have provided me with top class equipment and advice and friendship when times were tough at the Beeb. RIP my friend.
Duncan Stone, BBC News Editor/Cameraman, London, UK

To the Cumbers family, our thoughts are with you at this terrible time. Grainne Tuomey & MaryCurran,  Meath County Council, Ireland

My sincere sympathy to Louise and all Simon's family. Irene Lynch, Ireland

Deepest sympathy to Simons family and friends. Thinking of you all at this sad time. Sheila Kelly, Ireland

Deepest sympathies to the Cumbers family and relatives especially Stephen his brother, who's a good colleague.  Sean Mulligan, Ireland

I work with Stephen Cumbers in Meath County Council and was very sad to hear the news of his brother's death. I would like to send my condolences to all Simon's family and friends. Dearbhla Doherty, Ireland

Dear Louise, it is at times like this that I feel so helpless... I wish I could do something to help you and the rest of Simon's family to help overcome the pain of his loss. As a fellow BBC cameraman who also worked for Sky and ITN in years past, I ran into Simon in various countries. Please accept my sincere condolences. My thoughts and prayers are with you. 
David Shubart, BBC, Germany

I liked Simon, it was nice to meet another irish cameraman working in london. On jobs you could have a good old natter about home or the latest new toys for the job. He was all about having those little extras, all about making you better. I found him very encouraging and keen on you learning more and more about this business.True professional. Very sad loss indeed. Our hearts goes out to Louise and the Cumbers family.
Oran & Orlagh O'Reilly, London, UK 

Please accept my sympathy in your tragic loss. Pat Dunne, Ireland

Deepest sympathy to all of Simon's family and friends, our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. Roisin Courtney, Ireland

Appalled to hear of what has came to me, ironically, as I was covering the ceremonies to remember the dead of World War Two in Normandy. In Simon's case, I will remember his enthusiasm, and professionalism, but above all his cheerful approach to life, both at the BBC, and when we were both working as reporters at ITN. My thoughts are with Louise and his family.
Robert Hall, BBC, UK

Few people could turn the tedium of covering Drumcree into something approaching a Blackadder-esque comedy with Mr Cumbers providing an endlessly funny commentary as the events unfolded. A great bloke.
Ciaran Byrne, Sunday Times, Dublin, Ireland

I am so sorry to hear of this terrible tragedy. My sincere condolences to the Cumbers family and friends.  Adele McMahon, Ireland

Sincere Condolences to Simon's family and Louise. Also, a speedy recovery to Frank.  Margaret Conneely, Meath County Council, Ireland

My sincere sympathy to the Cumbers family. Kevin Stewart, Meath County Council, Ireland

Sincere Condolences to Simon's family.   Geraldine Dolan, Ireland

Sincere condolence's to Simon's wife and his family. I did not know Simon as a person, but from hearing about him from the people of Navan, it is clearly evidant that he was a fantastic and wonderful person to be in company with. May he rest in peace. Sean Breslin, Navan, Co. Meath, Ireland

My heart is heavy as I write and offers words of condolence to close loved ones of Simon,my friend and colleague. I was a cameraman with CNN for many years and I was priveliged to know Simon and enjoy much crew room banter with him. He was a lovely soul and always had time for others.His warmth and caring, in some way, will never leave us. My prayers are that some comfort may come to Louise and all the family. With deep sorrow.
Peter and Kate Williams, Canada

Simon's brother Stephen is a colleague in Meath County Council, Ireland and I extend my deepest sympathy to the Cumbers family at this sad time.   Mary Maguire, Ireland

My sympathy goes to Simon's family following this needless killing.
Joe, Ireland

In Simon we'll miss the kindest and happiest of men. He always brought his smile and his laughter along with his talent to the LNN newsroom.
Clive Jones, CEO ITV News, London, UK

As a co-worker of Simon's brither, I'd like to pass on my vondolences to his family. Lorcan Nagle, Ireland

Simon, your professionalism and camerawork will be greatly missed in the newsrooms around the world, but for us on the road it will be your smiling face and wit we will have to go without.
Tony Fallshaw, BBC News Cameraman, UK

My deepest sympathies to Simon's family at this sad time. Kevin Loughlin, Meath Co Co, Ireland

I lost my little sister three years ago, she was 15. She was truly lovely, everyone loved her, she was becoming a woman and an illness took her away without notice.I don't know Simon, I just met him once. He was in Paris a few months ago and came in the BBC Paris Bureau to say hello. On that day, we had decided to refurnish the green room and get rid of all the old furniture. He didn't hesitate to offer me a hand carrying heavy dirty furniture. He was smartly dressed but didn't mind getting his hands and trousers dirty to help out on something many others would have avoided. I remember a very smiling man, very interested in other people, the sort of person you want to know better. He reminds me of my little sister. I'm so sorry to get to know him better only now and in that way. It's so unfair, and I'm so angry. 
Lucien Libert, BBC, Paris, France

Simon - what a smile - what a twinkle in the eye - what a sense of fun - what a great way with people - and a top cameraman too. It's thanks to you that I didn't crash and burn on one of my first foreign assignments in Colombia. You will be greatly missed. Louise, wishing you the courage and strength to pull through this.
Claire Marshall, BBC, Mexico

Sincery sympathies to the Cumbers family. Lorraine Hennessy, Ireland

Sincere sympathy to the Cumbers family, especially Stephen whom I know, on the death of Simon so tragically. May I wish Frank Gardner good wishes for a speedy recovery.  Maureen McKinley, Ireland

Sincere condolences to Simon's family and friends. Wishing Frank a speedy recovery. My heart goes out to you all. God bless. Alison Gray, Colleague of Simon's brother Stephen, Meath County Council, Ireland

I saw Simon just as he was picking up his visa in Television Centre and he bounced up in his normal fashion grinning from ear to ear that he was going on a "Frank trip!" and that he'd be in touch when he got back. It's been haunting me since the news of his death first broke. I worked with him on several occasions around Europe where he could liven up even the dullest live shots at a summit with his endless stories and humour. He was always angling for new work and had built up a portfolio with a remarkable number fingers in many pies. I'll miss him a lot and my heart goes out to Louise and his many friends. 
Jonathan Chapman, BBC, UK

Simon always had a smile, even after the longest of night shifts at Channel Four Daily. In typical style after one night, he led us through breakfast, a few drinks, lunch, a matinee of Miss Saigon and a few more drinks. Followed by dinner. The world is a poorer place without you, Simon. Deepest condolences to Louise and Simon's family. 
Hywel Jones, BBC, Dubai

My dear Simon I will miss you so much. You were a dear friend and a and a dear colleague. In the grimmest times you never failed to lift the spirits of whoever was working with you. And I will never forget those endless hours we spent discussing our shared passion - food. Only you could talk about the best oven to buy for three hours. You were just a great guy. What a terrible tragic unecessary waste. 
Sally Hodgkinson, BBC, UK

My guess is that Simon will have made a great impression on pretty much everyone he worked with, even if only for a short period, like myself. I hadn’t seen Simon for three years, but was absolutely gutted to hear of his death. He was definitely one of the nicest people I ever worked with in journalism - full of ideas, initiative and commitment to his profession, combined with a zest for life and genuine warmth. This is a very rare combination and Simon was a welcome breath of fresh air in this competitive and high-pressured field. It is really a senseless tragedy that such a well-loved and talented person has gone. I am very sad to think that I will never see him again, which only makes me wonder how all those people much closer to him must be feeling. I send his family and friends my best wishes and support, and all strength for the future. 
Sandra Khadhouri, UK

For my Brother, I don't know how we are to cope without you. We miss you so very very much.  Eimear, Ireland

What a terrible loss. Simon was an optimist and a professional - a very nice person to work with. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. 
Caro Kriel, APTN, London

Simon... A true gentleman who I had many discussions with on security and safety for the media. And a few beers and the craic... Sunday was a sad day.... and a loss of a good man.
Craig Summers, BBC, UK

I recently met Simon in Bilbao, Spain - I was sent there in the aftermath of the terrorist bombings. My producer said she'd received a call from him recommending a hotel where we could stay - it turned out that the hotel was perfectly located. This was Simon all over - always keen to get involved in the logistics of any story and very informed. Simon was a superb cameraman, editor and producer - and above all, a very nice man - always friendly and eager to help. He will be sorely missed by all his colleagues. Tristana Moore, BBC, Germany

Any time one thinks of Simon, it brings a smile to your face. The guy with the ready smile, friendly, always professional, and incredibly generous. I first met Simon in London, a few years ago, working for CNN assignment desk. He just to freelance a lot for CNN then, he was always ready to do whatever one asked him to, always with a smile, always with the best of attitudes. If he could not do the job, he would always try and find someone else, and do the best to help. His favourite assignment was Northern Ireland. Every one loved to work with him. Years later, when I left London, I went to him for information or advice, he was always happy to help. On Saturday, an hour before we heard the horrible news of the attack on Simon and Frank Gardner, we were having a meeting with my husband, cameraman Philippe Billard and sports producer Ismael Pena, I mentioned Simon’s name as someone who could help us with our project. We finished the meeting and turned on the BBC, only to see the report on the horrible news, coming from Saudi Arabia. It’s the 2nd time this year that I have lost a colleague, that I had worked with, both targeted because they were non-Arabs, or worked with non-Arabs, both very special people. Why is it that it’s the special people, the ones who have to go so soon? Philippe remembers him as a great colleague, the other cameraman you could count on, whenever or whatever you would ever need, the man with the ready smile and the ready joke to relieve either tension or boredom. Our thoughts are with Louise, and Simon’s family, and wish Frank Gardner a speedy recovery.                  Maria Arbelaez, Aix en Provence, France

We have lost one of the nicest guys in the TV News business. Those of us who worked with Simon in the conflict zones of the world could also count on him for professionalism, humour and a cold beer at the end of a long day. He was a steadfast colleague, and a great friend. I simply can't believe he has gone. My deepest sympathy to Louise and the rest of Simon's family. Your loss is unimaginable.
Jeremy Cooke, BBC, New York, USA

I often ran in to Simon when time was tight and deadlines or developments were looming. So many fine words have been written about his talent, his enthusiasm and his spirit. I can only say I never met Simon Cumbers without sharing a laugh, a joke or a story. He was a top professional, but more importantly he was a fine person.
Alan Fisher, UK

Simon - I can't believe that you are gone............ I shall miss your smiling face appearing before me in far off places.... Louise - I'm so sorry for your loss..  Peter Macdiarmid

I fist met Simon at the age of 12 (he was 7 days older than me, and always about a foot taller), when we started at St Pats in Navan. From that age, all he ever wanted to be was a journalist, and work in the media. For those who can remember back that far, he had his start at Radio Carousel in the Navan shopping centre.From reading the other tributes on this site, it's obvious he'd come a long way from those days in the early 80's, and made a lot of friends in the process. It is a pleasure and an honour to have been Simon's friend. He will be deeply missed. Sincerest condolances go to Louise, and the Cumbers family in Navan.
Adrian Graham, Qld, Australia

I am so sorry to hear this news. Simon was an excellent companion and colleague during a month spent covering Euro 96 for APTV. Neither of us knew much about football but we got the stories and had a laugh. It was my first job in UK TV news, and Simon's experience as a producer/reporter taught me so much. 
Tom Butler, BBC World, UK

Dear Louise, Deepest sympathy to you and the rest of Simon's family on your terrible loss. Simon was a wonderfully cheerful, uplifting person to be around. Arriving at the white tape on a story in Northern Ireland, or looking around for a familiar face in the bar of a hotel somewhere foreign and depressing, Simon's beaming smile and chuckling soft Irish welcome was just the best thing: it made you glad to be there. He was simply a lovely man; generous and fun. Now this good friend to all who shared the road with him has been taken, suddenly and cruelly, by someone anonymous and evil. What can one possibly say here that will help? Nothing, really, except that we are all thinking of you and Simon's family in Ireland, we are grateful for having known Simon, we are angry, and we grieve with you.
George Eykyn, former BBC News Correspondent, UK

It's hard to know what to say or where to begin. So much life goes on and Simon's has ended, it is so unfair. He deserved so much more. Louise, Simon's family, his close friends deserved so much more. He gave so much of himself and so generously. That he has been taken cuts deep. My heart goes out to those who are hurting. Those who regularly enjoyed Simon's enthusiasm, his brightness and his love. God bless you at this terrible terrible time.
Nic Robertson, CNN, UK

I was deeply saddened at the awfulness of Simon's death. Unlike others who'd worked with him on news assignments, my connection with Simon was made via the more leisurely world of golf, but he undertook his assignments with the same enthusiastic and cheerful professionalsim that he applied to the hardest news story. Working with him was an absolute pleasure. The awful tragedy of his death will not diminish my memory of a man whom I first met as a colleague, but whom I quickly began to regard as a friend. May he rest in peace...and to Louise I send my deepest sympathy. Rob Bonnet, UK

I too am deeply saddened to hear of Simon’s death. I had the pleasure of meeting him at Wimbledon a few summers ago. I was fortunate enough to work closely with Simon and in a short time grew very fond of him. Reading what others have said about him has made me realize how silly and inexperienced I must have seemed to him. But, of course, he never showed that and only treated me with the utmost respect and courtesy. My condolences go out to Louise and his family. I am so sorry for your loss and cannot imagine the depth of your grief. Hopefully reading how well loved, respected and missed Simon is will provide some comfort.  Tracey Crosby, USA

Louise, shock, horror and regret were the first things that sprung to my mind when I heared the news about Simon and Frank. Although I've met Simon only a couple of times, I still remember his good humour and his very pleasant company, both on and off the job. Let me express my deepest sympathy and condolence to you and both your families. I can only offer you my support to give you strenght to get through these very difficult times.
Patrice De Bouvere, freelance shootedit, BBC Brussels, Belgium

This is an awful tragedy and the 'bad' feeling continues. Freelancers, broadcasters, politicians - everyone seems to have known Simon, worked with him, liked him. I first heard him speak at the INSI debate on journalist's safety early this year. He was sane, logical and highly articulate . He was also very - and gently -funny. Simon was interested in the work of the Trust and had just recently become a member of the Committee. He was - and this is so hard - particularly keen on the Training Fund, persuading colleagues to apply for bursaries and providing references. Simon had a real, fresh energy. We had already learned to value his input and were really looking forward to working with him, and getting to know him better. Our thoughts are with Louise, Simon's family and friends, his colleagues at the BBC and also the family of Frank Gardner. It is impossible to imagine how they must be feeling. Everyone is deeply shocked. It is a senseless and cruel loss.
Tina Carr, Director, The Rory Peck Trust, London, UK 

Dearest Louise, I am shocked and so terribly saddened to hear of Simon's death. I am at a loss for words. Please know that all our thoughts, our prayers, and our love are with you at this time.  Mindy, Mark, Chaim, Yehonatan; Israel

Hi Cumbers. I thought you were a shocking reporter and were going to make an even worse cameraman - and here you are 12 years later with everyone but the pope raving about you on TV or on this website! Thanks for all the smiles at LNN big man - it was always a pleasure. Unfortunately you've proved that life just isn't fair. And I can't believe it's only a few months ago we had the LNN get-together. And Louise, your "six foot of loveliness", we're all rooting for you. I write this with a tear in my eye - so can't imagine how tough things are for you right now. Take care and anything any of us can do, you know where we are.   Dickie Davis, Sky Sports, UK

How truly sad to have lost one of the most good natured people it has been my privilege to work with. Those of us who worked with him, especially in Ireland, remember a man of rare talent ;a loud, vivid character. I'm very proud to have worked with him and my deepest sympathy to you Louise. 
Mike Alexander, UK

Louise, I was so sorry to hear the news about Simon. He was a joy to work with. I can't remember a time when he wasn't smiling. He was obviously devoted to you and spoke always of you with immense pride and happiness. The very first time I met him the first thing he pointed out was that we'd worked together at TV-AM. I hope the wonderful memories of your life together will carry you through this difficult time. Take care of yourself. God Bless.
Barbara McCann, BBC Northern Ireland, UK

To louise and family - our deepest condolences . We have fond memories of an evening last November in Ealing. ... and visiting the extra space at Locum's offices. A friendship never properly explored. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Jon Briggs & Christina Lucas, UK

Dear Louise, I dnot know what to say. I worked alongside many times manly in northern ireland and london he was always the person I would try to go out to eat with or have a pint because he just made me smile all the time. I can see him know grining from ear to ear, didnt matter what was going on he was upbeat. I will miss him very much. The world is a sadder place without him. He was a great journalist but a even greater human being. May his god go with him. I know when I get there he will a pint of the black stuff waiting for me on the bar. With love and deepest sympathy.   Jeff Moore, Photographer, UK

Too often we hear of friends and colleagues getting killed and injured in the line of duty. This shouldn't be the case. They're there as objective observers trying to bring us a fair and balanced story; they're there just trying to do a job. Simon and Frank no doubt went to work last week with that very attitude. It's heartbreaking to think they never got to do their days work as they wished. It's sad to think Simon will never get to do it again. My sympathy to Louise and the Cumbers family at this time.
Eithne Treanor, journalist, UK

Simon joined ITN's Channel 4 Daily on the same day as I did. Rachel Attwell said one of the reasons she gave him the job was because he was so enthusiastic that he had jumped his chair round to the same side as her by the end of the interview. Simon was always keen as mustard and very focussed. He was also great to have around and always up for celebrating when things went well. One of his closest friends on the programme was John Schofield, and I believe his death affected Simon greatly. I then worked with Simon again as part of the start up team at APTN. Simon did not particularly enjoy the royal beat he'd been assigned in the start up months but he still did it with his trademark grin. Since then I understand Simon's career and family life had blossomed in many directions. My heart goes out to Simon's family. It will be so hard. I am sure Louise can count on many of Simon's friends to help her. He was someone who grabbed at life with both hands.
Colleen Murrell, nee Johnson, Lecturer, Deakin University, Australia

I did not know Simon but as an ex BBC Camerman who worked extensively in the Middle East I understand the type of assignment he was on. It would have been completely unnessesary and my thoughts are with his family and friends. It seems such a waste. I hope who ever comitted this dreadful act is brought to justice.
Pete Henderson, Kenya

This news has come as a dreadful shock. Working with Simon at LNN I found him to be a great reporter with a wonderful sense of humour. He will be truly misssed. Louise all our thoughts are with you.
Brian Young, UK

Simon, I didn't know you but I am so sorry that this has happened, my sincere condolences are with your family at this time. Frank, I wish you all the luck in the world in your speedy recoverey you are a gentleman, my thoughts are with you at this time.
Ian Sherwood, BBC, UK

I recall the first time I saw Simon - he was reporting live from the newsroom of ITN with the great energy and enthusiasm he was later to apply to camerawork. Not long after we became colleagues and fellow multi-skillers at APTV. I remember vividly the tremendous pride with which he told me he was marrying Louise. I last met him just over a year ago - a chance encounter in Southern Iraq where he was working for the BBC. We hadn't seen each other for a few years, but his grin was as wide as ever and we chatted while waiting for a train to leave the port of Um Qasr. He seemed so content and relaxed. I didn't know Simon well, but I can't quite believe he's gone. Simon, it was good to see you again and I'm so deeply sorry that it was to be the last time.
Gavin Hill, Bangkok, Thailand

Having worked with Simon at APTV in the early 90s I will always remember his warm humour and big smile. With warmest thoughts for all his family and friends.
Belinda Rhodes, UK

Simon was always such a delight to work with. Wry and professional in the face of ridiculous reporter reqests, the news is simply unbearable. We will all miss him. All my thoughts are with Louise
Robert Nisbet, BBC, UK

From Navan Town Council staff, we are saddened at the tragic death of Simon and our prayers are with his family and friends. It is because of people like Simon that we can be so informed of the happenings throughout the world.
Peter Brady, Ireland

Everyone here at Millbank was so shocked to hear of Simon's death. Many of the cameramen here knew him and the universal view is that he was a fantastic guy. I had never met Simon myself but hearing of his death I felt moved to send my condolences to you. I can't imagine what you're going through. I'm so very sorry for your loss.
Liz Wallace, Political Reporter, BBC Westminster, UK

This a terrible loss. In the ten years or so that I knew Simon he grew professionally to define the term multi-skilled that so many aspire to. That was Simon the professional. Simon the man will always be remembered for his smile, good humour and just for being being fantastic company. The world is a poorer place. The newsgathering community is devastated. Every sympathy to Louise and other family members.
Tony Donovan, Reuters, UK

Simon and I were part of the team that launched APTV ten years ago. We were both Irish and even though we were the same age, Simon was more experienced than me. He kind of took me under his wing. He encouraged me in my career and when my confidence sometimes faltered he would always have generous word or two to say. I greatly appreciated that. We often worked together in Northern Ireland. Sometimes the pressure was on - like filming a riot in the Ardoyne- but he took this in his stride and shot with a steady hand, even when the plastic bullets were whizzing overhead. In the days before Good Friday when we were camped outside Stormont - a bitterly cold wind blowing up off Belfast Lough - Simon kept everyone's spirits up with his cheery smile and a bit of crack about the catering the Northern Ireland Office had laid on! I remember the last time I saw him. It was December 2002 and we were at Heathrow, about to board a flight to Doha. He called out "what about ye", in that vowel-perfect Ulster accent he used to use when he saw me. I felt somehow comforted to be able to spend some time with him before the uncertainty of the inevitable conflict ahead of us all. Simon, you a hugely decent man with a great big heart. I will miss seeing you around.  My thoughts are with you Louise, Simon's family and all the friends and colleagues that will miss him.
Ciaran McQuillan, APTN, Singapore

To all of Simon Cumber's family. Your pain is immense, may you receive the strength to cope with your huge loss. My sincere sympathy to you all. Rosemarie Dooner, Meath Co. Council, Ireland

With sympathy.   Mary O Brien, Ireland

To Stephen and his family I wish to pass on my condolences.  Carol O'Hare, Ireland

I would like to express my heartfelt condolences following the tragic death of Simon Cumbers in Riyadh last week. My thoughts and sympathy go to his family, friends and colleagues. May he rest in peace
Driss Mekkaoui, BBC, UK

Words can't express how much we are all hurting right now. I only wish that you would stick your head around the corner and say"how r ya".It is so hard to think of what we will do without you but you will always be in our thoughts. Keep smiling Si we will see you again some day I hope. Louise what can I say! Our hearts are broken. Love always your sister,  Eimear, Ireland

We are finding it so hard to comprehend that Simon will not be on the phone or popping into our office and telling us of his latest assignment. Simon was one of our regular travellers for BBC and was always a pleasure to assist and we will miss him more than words can express. Our sincere condolences are with his family and friends.
Michelle, Bill, Geoff and Matt, BBC Shipping at Exel Heathrow, UK

Stephen & Family, Louise & Family; our thoughts and sympathies are with you all at this sad time. Ar Dheis De an D`Ànam. Mary Murphy & Kevin Loughlin, Ireland

I will miss dear Simon...and remember him as the man who was always smiling, no matter how difficult the place or the assignment...he was such good company, a great professional, a gentleman and team player with a wonderful sense of humour. I send a very big hug to louise. May you find strength and courage.. My deepest condolences to his family -- Simon's work and his character are also a tribute to you..
Lyse Doucet, BBC, UK

Seldom in this business do you meet and work with individuals who can make you feel the worth of being both a journalist and a citizen of the world. Simon was professionalism, charm and fun personified, I like many others have much to thank him for and will never forget him. Sincerest condolences to Louise and his family at this time, our thoughts are with you.
Ashok Ahir, BBC Wales, UK

Sorry to hear about the tragic death of Simon. 
Stephanie Martin, Meath County Council, Ireland

My sincere condolences to Louise & the Cumbers Family. Stephen (my work colleague) you are in my thoughts and in my prayers.
Margaret Smith, Ireland

The Commonwealth Broadcasting Association sends its most sincere condolences to all affected by the recent tragic events.  Elizabeth Smith, Secretary-General, Commonwealth Broadcasting Association, London, UK

Dear Louise and all, Simon's death is a great loss to us all. I wish you great strength in this difficult time. There are no words to describe our devastation in this. Our deepest sympathy.
 Dick, Ireland

My deepest sympathies to Simon's family, friends and co-workers. As a fellow Irishman working in Riyadh, I have probably been at functions that Simon attended, but unfortunately never had the pleasure of meeting him. He made the ultimate sacrifice in his pursuit to report the true story of what was going on here, which is so important to everyone living in Riyadh.
May he rest in peace. 

Niall Stack, from Ireland currently working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Dear Louise, my thoughts and prayers are with you in these darkest of hours. Simon will be greatly missed by anyone who had the pleasure to meet him. He remains a trully rare talent...combining all facets of the 'business', having great editorial judgement mixed with a great eye for a shot and yet remaining always a gem of an Irishman!
Matt Logan, BBC, France

Deepest sympathies to Louise and all of Simons family. Our thoughts are with u.
Gabrielle and Karen Bennett, Ireland

Sincere sympathy to our colleague and friend Stephen on the loss of his brother and to all of Simon's family & friends; thinking of you at this sad and difficult time.
Claire King & Roisin Courtney, Meath County Council, Ireland

From Everyone at Top-Teks and T2 Direct, Simon was a valued and frequent customer of Top-Teks. It has been said elsewhere that Simon liked to be at the forefront of technology and we greatly enjoyed our discussions with him as he sought new ways of doing things. Simon was someone who it was always a joy to see. He brightened up the place whenever he visited us. Truly one of the nicest guys you could hope to meet. From time to time we joked with him about the hazards his job might bring never dreaming that the worst would come to pass. We are all devastated by his loss. The world is a poorer place without him. Our thought and tears are with Simon’s family at this sad time but we will keep and cherish our fond memories of him. Brian Thomas, Top-Teks, UK


For my Godfather, so many people loved you, you were a special kind of person, you stood out in a crowd, Sunday was the saddest day because you left us. We are very much aware of the mark you left on everyone by the crowds that gather here. Our world is really shattered but it made us realise you are a wonderful person in so many peoples lives. I love you very much and I want to be like you. Ciaran aged 9, Ireland

It is the nature of the man, that even though I last worked with Simon some 9-10 years ago, the news of his untimely death has shocked me so very much. As a young, inexperienced Links Engineer working at LNN, it was always a pleasure to work alongside a journalist that was so helpful and friendly, the kind of guy you did not mind being stuck out on the road all day with, his kindness and humour seeing you through the longest of shifts. My sincerest best wishes and thoughts go to his family and especially his wife, Louise.
Kenneth Lloyd, UK

Dear Louise, I met Simon while I was working for CNN Spanish. He was fun to work with, a true professional. I will miss his big smile and his fantastic sense of humour. Please know that my thoughts are with you and his family.
Catherine MacDonald, London, UK


I did not know Simon Cumbers but from the tributes here, it is evident he was an inspirational and highly respected journalist and cameraman. Condolences in particular to his brother Stephen who is a colleague of mine.
Damien O'Connell, Ireland


Sorry for your Loss.
Thinking of you Stephen.
Marie Reilly,cleaner, Enterprise Board, Ireland

Sorry for your Loss.
Thinking of you Stephen.
Deirdre Lawes, cleaner, Enterprise Board, Ireland

Simon's kindness and good humour surrounded everyone who worked with him and his cool head in a crisis came to our rescue more than once. I can't believe he's gone. My love and sympathy to Louise and all his family and friends.
Kate Peters, BBC, UK

Deepest sympathy to Simons family for their great loss. I would also like to pass on our condolences to the Cumbers Families of Silverlawn Navan on behalf of the Residents Association.
Eugene Farrelly, Ireland

The last time I worked with Cumbers in Jerusalem we were the first crew to get into Manger Square during the siege at the Church of the Nativity -- all thanks to the Irish gift of the gab. A couple of days later we were in Ramallah when I heard I had to get home quickly because of a medical emergency. The checkpoint was closed so Simon simply drove straight over the top of a nearby hill. He was a tremendous guy, a great laugh, and a real professional. He'll be sorely missed. My deepest sympathies to Louise and the rest of the Cumbers family -- we're all thinking of you.
Chris Morris, BBC Brussels, Belgium

Sincere sympathy to all the Cumbers family. My thoughts and prayers are with you.  Julie Griffin, Ireland

I first met Simon while working in Northern Ireland, covering the Belfast Agreement and disturbances at Drumcree. He was a joy to be around - enormously funny, decent and clever: a rare combination. My thoughts and prayers are with his wife Louise and the Cumbers family.
Jenny McCartney, The Sunday Telegraph, UK

Just looking at Simon's picture above makes me want to weep. That wonderful smile that spoke volumes. I will always remember him as a beautiful man, a good man, a man with a wonderful heart, a brilliant cameraman who always cheered me up with his cheerful but quiet can-do attitude. In the end he lost his life covering a big and important story. but I know that for us his colleagues and of course his family and friends, that will only be small comfort. I was covering D-Day's 60th anniversary when I heard he had been killed and it had an enormous impact on me. On June 6th 1944 not only did brave young military men take part in a supreme act of courage sacrifice and heroism, but so too did journalists....from the legendary photographer Robert Capa who landed on the beaches with the first wave, to the countless reporters, photographers and cameramen who were there that day too. June 6th 2004: Simon is part of a special band of brothers still daring and willing to take risks for a job we all love and believe to be important. I will miss him very much and I send my sincere condolences to Louise and all his family and friends.
Christiane Amanpour, CNN, UK

I still cant believe it, it hits so much harder when it's someone you know well. We're often told that we become hardened to this sort of thing but the shock of hearing about Simons death still hasn't sunk in. I've worked alongside Simon on many stories and in many countries not least our homeland covering N.Ireland and he was one of nicest and most helpful cameramen you could meet, always organizing the event for every crew always with a smile. Life "on the road" has changed.
Martin Smith, Sky News, UK

All my love to you, Louise. We will miss him immensely.
Begona Cortina, ETB, UK

Simon was a lovely man - enthusiastic about his work, a true professional, talented and multi-skilled and always with a smile on his face. I knew him at ITN and meeting on the road when he was at APTN - he will be sorely missed across the world of broadcast news. Many condolences and best wishes to Louise.  Hugh Pym, BBC News, UK

I wish to express my sincere sympathy to Cumber's family in general and Stephen Cumbers in particular following the tragic murder of Simon Cumbers. A great man to be remember. Simon, we love you but God loves you most. May your Young and gentle soul continue to rest in perfect peace.       Jaiye Sonaike, a colleague of Simon's brother Stephen, Meath county council, Ireland

Simon made everyone he worked with feel good about what they were doing. He was positve, cheerful and professional. My first contact with him was in Jerusalem - I was putting on a flak jacket and not making a very good fist of it - he stomped up to me, pulled the adjusting straps tight, slapped me on the back, and off we went. His cheery, matter-of-fact calmness put me at my ease, and I'll always be grateful to him.
Patrick Howse, BBC, UK

My dear Louise and the Cumbers family. I was so shocked and saddened to hear your so sad news. Simon the perfect gentleman. You two were the happiest couple I know, my friends, and I will miss him very much. I will always remember Simon's happy smiling face, the way he answered the phone 'This is Simon cumbers, yes, Cumbers as in cucumbers' always made me laugh, his sense of humour, his kindness, his friendship. Simon we miss you. God Bless
Sharon Priday, ex LNN, UK 

I didnt know Simon but I'm also from Navan and like Simon, I went to St Pats and was encouraged by Kevin Mallon to pursue a career in journalism - I've worked for the BBC and now work for RTE. I was very upset to hear the news of his passing on Sunday night - my thoughts are with his family and friends.
Gavin Jennings, Ireland

Louise, I was shocked and saddened by the news of Simon's death this week. We first met many years ago at LNN I was the courier then and Simon was the very fresh faced reporter, and then again on numerous occasions as a cameraman. It was always a pleasure to see him. In the 8 years I was in the production business I can honestly say I have not met a nicer guy than Simon and know he will be sadly missed by many.
My condolences to you and his family.
John Cavan, Spain

Dear Simon. You spent your entire time making our lives better. Working with you was like going on holiday with a friend who just happened to have a camera (and all that other stuff). You organised, entertained and encouraged us. You breathed life into the dullest moments. When the story wasn't quite there, you figured out ways of making it happen. We always came home feeling better than when we left. Eager for the next time. Thanks, Cumbers
Paul Adams, BBC, UK

Dear Cousin Louise, I and the rest of the family are very sorry for your loss and for the fact that we will never get to know the extrodinary man you married. Our prayers are with you.
Allison Levine, USA

Charming, genial, funny, warm. He'll be much missed.  Adrian Monck, ITN, UK

Simon was the most good humoured, kindly, generous colleague you could ever wish to know. He even managed to bring cheer and laughter to the grey surroundings of the Stormont car park as we slouched around, endlessly waiting for news from the peace talks. I send heartfelt sympathy to Louise and all the family. You are in so many people's thoughts.
Gary Gibbon, ITN, UK

Simon, my nephew. You were a gentle soul - like your granddad Cumbers. You will be very much missed.
Colette Cumbers, Dublin, Ireland

Simon was one of the good guys. I'll miss you mate.
Mike Thomas, Top Teks, UK

I would like to share my admiration and respect for all frontline journalists and cameramen who face difficult and dangerous situations in the course of their daily work. Simon Cumbers was such a man, who tragically lost his life doing his job. We at St Bride's Church, Fleet Street, would like to offer our deepest sympathy to his widow Louise and his colleagues and assure you all of our prayers and support. Simon and Frank Gardner are remembered here every day, and their names are on our journalists' altar. "There are times when sorrow seems to be the only truth" Oscar Wilde, De Profundis
Canon David Meara, St Bride's Church, Fleet Street, London, UK

Uncle Simon, I miss you. I love you. Sleep well. 
Eabhan(2), Ireland

Was horrified to learn of this tragic news. i only met Simon three times, but the first was on a four-day diplomatic trip to the Middle East with Jack Straw. i was the one novice on the trip, who had never even visited the region let alone during such unstable times. Simon was the one out of everybody who took me under his wing and with his fantastic wit, heart and much soul, kept everything cool. when things were getting a touch heated with one or two personnel, it was Simon who stood up and ensured things went to plan. and it was with Simon that i spent my first day in Iraq with, fearful at first, but just being with him, made everything seem just fine. no problems, just a good day in the best of company. my deepest sympathies and condolences go out to your family Simon, and to you, a truely wonderful and fine man. Johnny Green, Press Association, London, UK

Simon was a warm, funny, generous man. He was a born enthusiast. He made everyone who came into contact with him feel better about life. It was impossible not to like him. I worked with Simon years ago at ITN and then had the pleasure of bumping into him again at a Rory Peck Trust event earlier this year. It was great to see him. I'm so sad it was the last time we met. He cared passionately about his work and the importance of good journalism. He will be greatly missed. Louise, my thoughts are with you and your family.
Michael Jermey, ITV News, London, UK

All at Procam Television wish to send our sincerest condolences to Louise and Simon's family. He was great man, always a pleasure to see or speak to. This is a tragedy and he will be sorely missed by all who met him. With all our love.
Procam Television, London, UK

Simon, for all the times you listened, for all the times you cared i am so thankful that i knew and loved you . Louise i wish i could take away your pain. I don't know what else to say but for me this sums it all up

Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,
Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone,
Silence the pianos and with muffled drum
Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come.

Let aeroplanes circle moaning overhead
Scribbling on the sky the message: He Is Dead,
Put crepe bows round the white necks of the public doves,
Let the traffic policemen wear black cotton gloves.

You were our North, our South, our East and West,
our working week and our Sunday rest,
our noon, our midnight, our talk, our song;
We thought that you would last for ever: we were wrong.

The stars are not wanted now; put out every one:
Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun;
Pour away the ocean and sweep up the woods:
For nothing now can ever come to any good.

Slán and go raibh maith agat, Your sister-in-law Cáit, Ireland

Simon has been a dear friend for over 20 years. We trained together in our Athletic Club for many years and I never knew him to have a bad word to say about anyone. Simon was one of this world's rarest - a true gentleman, gentle being his most endearing quality. On behalf of all his friends in athletics and in Navan, I want to express to Louise and his collegues our deepest sympathy on the occasion of his untimely death. Saol fada i bhflathas ar Neamh. Go raibh trocaire Dia ar a anam.(May God have mercy on Simon)
Ciaran Conlan, Ireland

My deepest condolences to Simon's wife amd all his family on their very sad and tragic loss. Death at any time is such a hard burden to endure for all. Premature death especially by murder of a young and highly talented husband and family man is sadder still and more oppressive. It is difficult to understand and impossible to accept. Simon's brother Stephen is a valued colleague and to Stephen, Simon's wife Louise and all his family and frienda I express my sadness and support at their untimely loss. Ar dheis De, go raibh a anam. To Frank Gardner and his family every best wish for a speedy and full recovery. My thoughts are with you all.
Brendan Mc Grath, Meath County Council, Ireland

Please pass my condolences to Simon's family and friends.
Colin Peck, Derry, Ireland

Dear Louise, words cannot express how Trevor and I are feeling at this time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We have such great memories of the two of you; our lunch at Raffles Hotel in Singapore on the first proper day of your honeymoon; the evening spent at Simon's uncle's restaurant in Dulwich; drinks at Marco's in The Strand and then our wedding day in 2001, when Simon was the star of the show taking our photographs. He was superb in getting the right shot at the right time and all of the guests fell in love with his sense of humour and joie de vie for our day. The two of you worked so well together to make our day such a special event. I remember being on a treasure hunt in Kent with you back in 1994 when you received a call from Simon and I could tell from your response that this was the man for you! His passing is such a tragedy but he will leave such a mark on all who knew him, professionally or privately, as we did. May God bless you both. Our thoughts are also with Frank Gardner and his family at this time and wish him a safe return to the UK when he is well enough. With our love. Diana and Trevor Allwood, UK

I heard Monday morning. Simon had that sort of wonderful character that endeared him to everyone. We are so much poorer for his passing. Louise, our thoughts are with you at a very difficult time. I'm lost for words and wish there was something I could say, but there isn't. My condolences.
Steve Uzochukwu, Techie, UK

There are no words that can express how I feel. I know the world has lost a truly decent man. Simon embraced his friends the way he embraced life, with a warm welcome and broad smile. I am proud to think he was my friend, and he was as fine a friend as you could hope to have. It is with a truly heavy heart that I realise I wont see him again and rectify past wrongs while fixing the world over a pint. To his family and to Louise my deepest deepest condolences. All of us who knew him are there for you should you need us.
Sean Carswell, UK/Spain

All my love to the family. With fond memories. Your cousin, Liam Quirk, UK

When we all started at APTV, we believed the story was the thing, and the way it was told the most important thing. Simon held firm to those beliefs, and the messages on this site tell his story so very well. He was not the first, nor will he be the last, but he was definitely one of the very best.
Mark Bayley, Ireland

Louise and Family, It was impossible not to be carried along with his infectious sense of fun and good humour, no matter how intense or boring the day. That is how I wnat to remeber Simon - as a great human being.
I wish Frank a speedy and full recovery. My thoughts are with you all.
Ant Upton, UK

Simon, you may be gone but that monster smile will always be with us. Cheerio mate. Stuart McAlister, cameraman, Paris, Frannce

We are all shocked and saddened by Simon's death. Our deepest sympathies to his friends, family, and colleagues. We continue to pull for Frank's recovery.
Joel Campagna, Committee to Protect Journalists, New York, USA

come away,o human child!
to the waters and the wild
with a faery ,hand in hand
for the worlds more full of weeping than you can understand.
(the stolen child by W.B. Yeats)
The words of one great Irishman in memory of another we will miss you

The Members of The British Press Photographers Association, UK

My deepest sympathies to Louise and to Simon's family, friends and colleagues. He was indeed a wonderful spirit and will be missed. I have many fond memories of working with him at APTV--but also socializing after the hours at APTV. He always had a smile and a laugh ready.
Liz King Humphrey, USA

I just wanted to express my shock and sadness at the news of Simon's murder. I had the privilege of working with him on a number of occasions for CNN Sports, and always found him great company as well as professional and endlessly enthusiastic whatever the assignment. He was one of the good ones, and will be missed. My condolences to his family and friends
Terry Baddoo, USA

Once again, we face the unfair loss of a lovely, industrious and passionate journalist at work, attempting to tell a story that needed to be told. While working with Simon at APTV and seeing him on the job afterwards, I will always remember his smile and positive attitude. Despite this terrible random and unjust act, it is best to remember Simon's kind spirit and determination to tell a story. Louise, I wish you strength and courage at this time and I imagine Simon's infectious enthusiasm and love will forever encourage you and those closest to you both. I am so sorry.
Allison Havey, Blaisdel Productions, UK

Dearest Louise, Donna,Allison,David and myself send our most heartfelt sympathys and prayers for your tragic loss. All our love. Your Cousin.
Levine, USA

On this day, June 10th, 31 years ago, I said my first mass and I gave Simon his first holy communion. He was so small at that time he had to stand up on the kneeler and even though he was out front, all on his own, he was enjoying it all. Despite the many other inches he put on that big frame of his, it is the image of that little boy, which came to me today and remained with me, with its consequent insistant question :why would anyone want to kill him? And, of course, there was so much more to the grown-up Simon, as so many people have shown through their sharing. So much damage, hurt and loss has been caused by that bullet to so many others. What an awful, awful waste. Declan, Canada

I am deeply saddened to hear of Simon's untimely death and also of the critical injuries to Frank Gardner. Being a distant relative of Simon's family and having just recently met his mother, father, and aunt on a recent trip to Ireland, I feel a special loss of someone who I hoped to know in the future and now will never meet. I have read nothing but fine things about Simon and Mr. Gardner as well concerning their work and personanities. They both seem to be people who are widely admired and have many firends. It appears that Al-Qaeda terrorism will soon affect everyone, even those who are especially innocent and not connected with the conflict. When innocent people are snatched away from life and their loved ones with utter disregard and indiscriminent malice it truly shows the uphill battle we all must unite to fight against if we all hope to live peacefully in a civilized world. My prayers are with Simon's wife, Louise, and the entire Cumbers family in their time of grief. Please know that our families in the US mourn with you as we also feel a loss and profound sadness. May god bless you and get you through this tough time.
John Lindsay, USA

Darling Louise, We are thinking of you, I really don't know what to say at this dreadful time. With Love from x x x
Lorraine Rob Grace and Ethan - McManus and Joseph families, Australia

It is with great sadness that I heard of the death of Simon Cumbers. I pass on my condolences to his widow Louise, his family and friends. As the founder Editor of APTN I remember well working with Simon. He was truly representative of that team - young, fun, ethusiastic with a tremendous will to win, which in Simon's case was obscured by his native Irish wit and charm. But above all else I will remember Simon as being the best example of the new ground we were breaking - multi skilling. Simon started life as a tv journalist, but added the skills of shooting and editing to his portfolio. Not only was he one of the first to do this, but he was also one of the best. My thoughts are with his family at this tragic time.
Nigel Hancock, UK

To Louise and Simon's familly, your brave and lovely man was someone who brightened many long doorsteps over the years. Although I never knew him well, I've thought of him often since the ghastly day: a measure of him, of course, for all the reasons you know. God be with him and all of you.
Fiona Hnason, P A photographer, UK

I was so sorry to hear the terribly sad news about Simon. Those of us who have worked with him over the years know how much he will be missed - both as a journalist and, far more importantly, as a truly life-enhancing human being.
John Glover, ex-Programme Editor, London Tonight, UK

What strikes me most about the picture of Simon on the top of this page is the big smile. This smile has been ever present since I first met Simon at St. Pats. Simon was always going to be the news reader, the reporter, the producer, the camera man….By the time we hit second year in school he had already brought out a school magazine (which he sold on a fortnightly or monthly basis for no doubt a small profit). This was followed by stints on the illegal radio station “Tara Radio” which was situated along Bakery Lane in Navan before moving on to another pirate radio station, Radio Carousel. A few years later one Christmas while home from college I saw Simon reporting on the ITN evening news and I felt proud and delighted for him. Simon progressed from the school magazine and the pirate radio stations to work with some of the best TV, news and media organisations in the world, but then they do say that cream rises to the top!! It came as no surprise to me a few years ago when Simon told me he had started Locum Productions, after all he had a school magazine turning over a few pounds when he was 13 and Myself, Simon and another school friend made a tidy profit one year when we “ran a book” on the Schools 5K Marathon. Something that was special about Simon was that as he rose to the top of his profession he retained all of the qualities that endeared him to us back in school. Someone said recently to me “know you by your friends” If you want to know Simon Cumbers read all the posts on this page, read the countless newspaper articles and listen to what so many of his friends and colleagues have said on the TV and radio stations. It has been a pleasure and an honour to know Simon and to count him as one of my friends, he will be deeply missed. My sincerest condolences go out to Louise, Simons Mom and Dad, Stephen, Eimear and Catriona. Simon -- Slán agus beannacht leat.
Colm Horton, Ireland

I worked with Simon several times while based in South Asia. It was always welcome news when I heard he was comng. You knew that his work would be first rate, but you also knew he would be good company. I didn't know him well, but each time our paths crossed he impressed me with his professionalism, sense of humour and positive outlook.
Tim Irwin, Bosnia

Sincerest sympathy to Steven and your Family on the tragic loss of Simon. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Liam and Eileen Ryan and Family, Ireland

I feel privileged to have worked with Simon in the early days of APTN and honoured to call him a friend. His encouragement and support were invaluable. Sadly a great human being has been taken far too soon and the world is a poorer place for it. My thoughts are with Louise and his family.
Vicky Burston, UK

It is horrifying to think we'll never see Simon bound in again with his booming voice and ever-present smile. I worked with him in the Falklands and in the Middle East - he was surely the most cheerful member of our business. He was dedicated to his craft and, above all, to his family. My heart goes out to you, Louise.   James Reynolds, BBC, Jerusalem, Israel

We knew Simon as a youngster working at Springers Wine Bar, he always had a smile and something nice to say. We went to live abroad for a few years and two years ago had the privilage to meet up with Simon again on a new years eve at Springers. We spent the evening with him and Louise and his parents Bobby and Bronagh, Simon had grown from a thoroughly nice youngster into a truly lovely adult. Even though we met infrequently his loss will be etched in our heart and souls for a long time. Our thoughts go to Louise and all the family at this difficult time, keep on shining Simon - show em how its done!! Well wishes to Frank Gardner and family - heres to a speedy recovery.
Chris & John Forbes & Family, UK

Deepest condolences on behalf of all of Simon's colleagues and friends at CNN in London. 
Nick Wrenn, UK

When I first times I met Simon, I was heading for my first trip abroad for CNN. I was going to a coup situation in Pakistan, and was quite nervous about it. Simon was in the bureau and and being his jokey self. He managed to put me totally at ease about going, with his calm, smiley reassurances that everything would be alright. And I knew it would be, because he had said so. He had that calming, cheerful effect on people. It's an utter tragedy and complete waste that he's now gone, but he left something in each of us who met him that will always remain there. My deepest regrets to Louise and the rest of his family and friends.  Vivian Paulsen, CNN, UK

Simon was a fabulous character. Everyone got on so well with him. He was unbelievably ambitious and even when I first met him back in the mid 80's he knew what he wanted to do. My thoughts are with his family.
Martin Block, Ireland

Sincere condolences to all who love and know Simon. You are in my thoughts Stephen.  Joe Tighe, Ireland

Simon, so many laughs together and a few rows along the way - not bad really. You were a good man. You and Lousie are in my prayers. I do not know Frank but I have met his bravery around the world displayed by serious journalists of every race.
Owen Smith, UK

To Stephen and all the Cumbers family sincere sympathy on the trajic death of Simon.  Ciarán Mangan, Ireland

Simon, we will always remember you singing along to the Sound of Music at Marble Hill Park with a huge grin plastered across your face, conducting the rest of us with your glass, laughing that great booming laugh of yours. You were one of the most genuine, animated and almost supernaturally likeable people we have ever been honoured to meet. You will never grow old in our memories or our hearts. Take care mate. To Louise and Simon's families, you have our deepest sympathies. Love Always.
Martin Anderson and Emma Tustin, UK

I was lucky enough to work with Simon shortly after joining the BBC in 2002. We had a mad dash from Perpignan in France to Barcelona and we were up against it. But with Simon, it didn't feel stressful. I'd never met him before, but immediately felt I was in good, capable hands. We got on instantly - you couldn't not get on with Simon. We bumped into eachother several times after that. He was always a joy to see and generous with his advice to me as a newcomer to the Beeb, who was keen to do foreign stories. I am greatly saddened he is no longer with us. My thoughts are with his family, and with you Louise
Luisa Baldini, BBC, UK

Simon and I were friends when we were 8 or 9 years old and he was living in Longford for a short time. He and his family moved to Navan and I never saw or heard from him again, but I often thought of him over the years and was very saddened to hear of his death. Reading this page, I can see how many great memories Simon has left with so many people. I never knew Simon as an adult and so cannot describe him honestly as brave, enthusiastic, witty, generous-words used by so many. My memory is that of a nine-year-old, which says simply “he was my friend – I liked him”. I do not mean to be presumptuous, but write here just to let Louise, Stephen and all Simons family know that he is remembered in small ways as well as great. In my memory, Simon will always be 9 years old, in the school playground on a sunny day, without a care in the world. Goodbye Simon…..Rest in peace.
Conall Mooney, Ireland

I was shocked to learn of Simon's abrupt passing. Although I did not have the fortune to know him as an adult, I have many memories of summers spent at Mayfield with my Irish cousins, including watching my eldest cousin sprint to a fine finish in the Nationals at Bellfield in 82, and Steven falling through the conservatory roof! I did spend one action packed day with Simon in London in 94. On a tour of the ITN building, he strutted through the place as though he owned it, and spoke to everyone with equal courtesy and enthusiasm, from the security guard who checked us in, to a senior broadcaster. Over the course of a a few beers (Molson, for his Canadian cousin), it became evident to me that I had a very competent, confident, and ambitious cousin, who revelled in his life and work. My sympathy and prayers go out to Bobby, Bro, Steven, Eimar, Catroina, and Louise.
Liam Baker, Canada

One in a million, a perfect Gentleman in the true sense of the word. When I left the Royal Navy last year it was Simon who gave me the opportunity to stay with television News, my first job as a freelancer was under his guidance and I will forever be in his debt. The enthusiasm and encouragement I received from him has been invaluble.  The world has lost a very special person and my heart goes out to Louise, I know the pain will allways be there but I pray that in time it will ease, I am so sorry for you.   Simon, you were an inspiration I will never forget you. Sleep well big man, God bless you and rest in peace.  Graham Meggitt, BBC Wales, UK

In memory of a good and valued colleague, and with deepest sympathy to his family.
Robin Lustig, BBC, UK

Louise, I am writing to you with a picture of your dear sweet Simon staring out at me. God we will miss him!! Yes even crusty old cameraman like myself shed tears when we heard the news. Around the world the news spread with shock, anger and disbelief. We all will miss him in so many ways. Thinking back on it now I feel guilty as a cameraman for being with him for all those hours waiting to get those shots. For asking him to go away on some assignment for CNN. Why guilty? Because we were cheating you from being with him. He touched all of us with his laughter, love of you and love of life and his profession.
Phillip Turner, CNN, UK

Dear Simon, we ran into each other in Asia and the Middle-East and then last year worked together in Greece. I can't remember too much about the story. But I do remember how much fun we all had during those autumn days on Rhodes thanks to your great sense of humour and determination to enjoy life whatever the circumstances and whatever the occasion. Not even the discovery that your passport was inside the satellite van as it sailed off on the slow boat to Piraeus was enough to stop the banter and jokes.
You will be sorely missed by many, many people around the world.
Richard Galpin, BBC, Athens, Greece

I only worked with Simon on a couple of occasions, but remember him as a true professional, determined to achieve the best for me. An awful event. I'm so sorry for his family.
Tim Jones, BBC, UK

I have not seen Simon in quite a while but was extremely saddened when I heard the news. My family's thoughts are with the Cumbers family in this trying time.
Jim Zeches, CNN, UK

I am so sorry to hear what happened to Simon and Frank. I worked with Simon on a couple of occasions in Israel: he was, as anybody who's worked with him knows, a great cameraman, a great journalist and great company. It was a particularly unpleasant and dangerous time in the West Bank, and one of my first trips there, but his experience, professionalism and good humour helped me enormously. He'll be sorely missed. I'd also like to pass on my best wishes to Frank and his family: I hope he makes a full, and fast, recovery.
James Menendez, BBC, Caracas, Venezuela

Walking into CNN's London newsroom and seeing Simon waiting to go on a shoot, you could always guarantee there would be at least one happy person in the building. My thoughts are with you all at Locum.
Ben Coyte, CNN, UK

There are no words that can possibly describe the agony of hearing of Simon's death. How much worse must this be for you, Louise, Brona, Bobby, Stephen, Eimear and Catraoine? Simon was my nephew and godson. Although I have not seen too much of him in his adult years, I have kept up with all his news through my sister Brona. I spoke to Simon just a few short weeks ago and spent some time with him at his Gran's funeral in 2002. Simon was a beautiful young man. Despite all his accomplishments and all he had witnessed in his professional life - or maybe because of the latter - Simon remained a sweet, gentle soul. He is a credit to you Brona and Bobby. Our lives are changed forever. Grainne and Pat Baker, Newfoundland, Canada

To Louise, Simons parents, Stephen and family, We are deeply shocked at saddened by Simons death. We feel privileged to have known him and keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Robbie & Miriam Byrne, Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath, Ireland

My thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. I first met Simon in Oman a few years ago, we got on well, he was a friendly giant, the most professional cameraman I had ever met, happy to give advice and always had a big smile on his face. I saw Simon a few times after Oman and last year he paid me the highest compliment, he offered me a job. Highly missed but always remembered.
Stu Mckenzie, UK

Uncle Simon, thank you for all the presents you and Auntie Loulou gave me. Thank you for my first camara. I miss you and I just wish that the telephone would ring and I could tell you how much I love you and that you were the best godfather in the world. Love Ciáran (9), Navan, Ireland

Uncle Simon, thank you for my Pooh Bear and my Wind in the Willows books. I will miss all the hugs and kisses. I miss you so much I will never forget our drive to Virginia Co. Cavan with Auntie Loulou in the the car 'with no head'.
Be at peace , I love you.
Liam (7), Navan, Ireland

Uncle Simon, I miss your smile. I miss your tickles. I promise that I will try to be a good girl at school. I want you back. I love and miss you. I promise that I will mind Auntie Loulou for you and give her lots of hugs and kisses like you do. Love Gráinne, Navan, Ireland

Well Si, 5 days later and I still don't believe it. I know I never told you this but I am so proud of you and proud to be called your brother. If you could only see the hundreds of messages people are sending you. You have touched so many lives, most especially mine. I could always depend on you day or night. No matter where you were in the world all I had to do was call. Who can I call now? The kids are just devestated. They miss you so much. Cáit told me that she has not lost a brother-in-law but that she has lost her brother. I hope that wherever you are that you have an ample supply of good food and good wine and that the conversation is flowing. There is no better way of remembering you than that, While your up there see if you can get an interview with God. (if anyone can you can !)
Travel well and keep us safe my brother.
Stephen, Navan, Ireland

At London Tonight Simon and I sat plotting how to move into foreign news. Both of us eager to report on the world and all its horrors. Horrors that have now taken one of the warmest people I have had the fortune to work alongside. I cherish the memories, cry for the loss but smile because your zeal for life burns strong with all of us at this painful time. Louise, I'm so sorry. Mark Jordan, ITN/C5, UK 

Louise, I was so sorry to hear about Simon's tragic death. Like so many other former colleagues at LNN my thoughts are with you and Simon's family.
Emma Walden, exLNN/ITN, UK

Working with ETB and Telecinco in the last year he joined the bunch of spanish reporters in London at different occasions. I saw him in February when a candidate to be prime minister in Spain came to Downing Street. Simon assessed the difficulties of the job at hand. Nobody was taking care of the line of cameras, microphones and press reporters waiting outside numer 10. He made a few galant attempts to organise the future. Hey, guys, when he comes out we stay here and everyone will have a good shot, all right? A fine irishman dealing with other people without reservations. He obvioulsy failed. Our candidate came out of number 10 and into chaos. Every reporter surrounded the candidate. Everyone had poor sound, bad notes and a poor shot. Last time I saw Simon, he was joining the ruck with great laughter. I will remember him as a man working hard with a smile and taking care that other people shared his joy.
Inigo Gurruchaga, UK

I joined APTV in the dark days just after the launch, when all the old, wise heads in the news industry were standing back and predicting a train-wreck. The thing that kept us going, above all, was that it was fantastic fun, Norwich Street (at least the APTV floors) throbbed with energy. And at the heart of it was Simon. Simon infected us with his special brand of enthusiasm, friendliness and determination. If his loss was a shock to me, who had not seen him for years, I cannot imagine the loss to those who loved him. My thoughts are with them, and with the friends families of every journalist who has lost his or her life doing such sterling and vital work.
Michael Liebreich, APTV, London, UK

I was shocked and saddened to hear about the loss of Simon in Saudi Arabia. Although I lost touch with Simon and Louise upon my departure from London News Network in 1994, I will always remember Simon's warm personality and great big smile. As a young American journalist-in-training living and working in London for LNN, it was a pleasure to meet and work with people like Simon and Louise who were both extremely professional and very personable. We all know the risks involved with being a journalist, but it never feels real until tragedy strikes someone you know and someone who was obviously so well respected and liked as demonstrated by this web site. Louise, a late congratulations for marrying such a nice, hard-working guy. I am very sorry for your loss but he will obviously not be forgotten by those who knew him and his work. My deepest sympathies to you and his family and friends during this difficult time. Best wishes to Frank Gardner for a speedy recovery.
Eunice Ueda Louie, KRON-TV, San Francisco, USA

I was so shocked to hear of Simon's death. I remember him as such a happy and above all lively person, and as I read through the posts here I see how many other people were touched by him. My thoughts are with Louse and his family.  Rest in peace Simon.
Gillian Walker, ex LNN video editor, Australia

In l994, I was start-up Managing Director of Associated Press Televison (then APTV, now APTN). Simon was one of our first recruits as a producer. He had immense ability and enthusiasm. He also had endless optimism and cheerfulness which was important to a perilous project that came close to crashing instead of becoming the big, vigorous agency it is today. I got to know Simon well and he often cheered me up and got me laughing in The Castle public house at Chancery Lane towards the end of a bleak day. A year ago I met him in Kuwait and Iraq when he was working with Kate Adie and Iwas supporting Jay Garner, the first civilian administrator in Baghdad, as broadcast communications adviser. We took a certain amount of "incoming" from Kate but otherwise remained safe! I last saw Simon a few weeks ago in Portland Place and we hada good gossip about our days in Iraq. Simon was one of the finest young blokes in the tv news industry. I was devastated when I heard of his death. I will miss him a lot and I am doubly sad when I think of what his future might have been.
Stephen Claypole, UK

It was great sadness that I read of Simon's murder while on a teaching assignment in China. Those of us in the business start to be concerned with each passing assignment that things are Ok and we accept yet another one. My wife now gives thanks for each day there is NO assignment and NO travel. Our thoughts and prapyers go out to Simon's and Franks's family for they have paid the ultimate price for going out to gather the news...if people at home only knew what risks those behind the scenes take to keep them informed...a real sad day for me.  Simon and I worked together many times while I was assigned to CNN's London bureau so it is with extreme sadness that I post this message because I could call Simon a good friend with an always ready smile that will be dearly missed by all.
Tom Mintier, Thailand

Dear Louise and Simon's Family, Like all of us, I am dreadfully distressed at the terrible news of Simon’s death. I know that there is very little that words can do to help just now, but I wanted to assure you of my constant love and prayers for you especially and for all of Simon’s lovely family. I simply can’t stop thinking about both of you. I hope I may be able at some point to offer you the support, love and friendship you have both given me so generously over the years. If there is anything practical that you need done - just ask. It goes without saying that you can call anytime you wish and I will be there immediately. I hope it will give you some comfort to know that Simon was so well loved and respected by everyone. He was brilliant at what he did and he radiated his enjoyment of life with us all. I especially loved his warm welcoming smile every time I saw him, not least when I came to your office a few weeks ago. He had a wonder knack of making me, and I guess everyone else, feel very special. It was obvious to everyone that he adored you and I know he will be very proud of you now. May God hold you tight at this dreadful time . All my love to you. Chrissie Smith, UK

Simon and I worked together in several countries, and in a stint on the planning desk, we sent him to many more. "Let's get Cumbers to do it", was the usual refrain when we were in a fix. Simon's face was already familiar from local London TV, so when we first met in Kenya in 1998, I struggled to work out why someone had taken the unusual step of stepping back behind the camera. It didn't take long to realise his passion for the job of the cameraman, not to mention business acumen. My lasting memory of Simon will be a trip we took accompanying Tony Blair around South America. Running with the PM is a surprisingly tough assignment, with the competing demands of the Prime Minster's schedule, international time differences and our own deadlines. Perfect for someone like Simon. One the last leg of the trip, in Mexico City, exhausted by three overnight flights, we were crawling through the city's infamous traffic, seconds ticking by before an upcoming feed. But while i was going through the usual producer panic, shouting instructions down a phone line, all I can remember is Simon, squeezed into the front seat, edit pack on his lap, calming dropping the last shots into the piece. We made it of course. Simon, you were a dear friend to everyone who picks up a passport and gets on a plane in the name of TV journalism. You'll be sorely missed. My heart goes out to Louise.
Jonathan Paterson BBC News, London, UK

I worked with Simon a handful of times -- it was a delight. When I asked him about his wife, his smile grew wider -- he was so proud of her. My heart goes out to Louise and his family.
Sara Halfpenny, BBC, Baghdad, Iraq

We will all miss Simon, he touched so many lives with his beautiful spirit, his ready smile and his inspiring professionalism. Simon and i worked together for a few years from the start of aptv. My fondest memory of simon is being teamed up on a camera training day in the first few weeks. His sheer enjoyment at having a camera on his shoulder and looking at life through a lens is something i will never forget. Louise and family, my thoughts are with you in these difficult times. all my love.
Stefanie Campman, APTN, London, UK

Such a tragic loss. I will always remember Simon's smiling face at LNN and his warm personality. To Louise and Simon's family - my thoughts and prayers are with you.
Liz Smith, ex-LNN, London, UK

I recently met cameraman legend Simon Cumbers on a press day aboard HMS Ark Royal and with typical form when he heard I had an SX camera for sale he virtually lept down my throat and proceeded to take me through the finer detail of SX circuit boards and their mind boggling menus! He was overflowing with an irrepressable enthusiasm for his camera work and the business genearlly whilst he dismantled my precious machine in front of me! Finally, pursuaded by his Irish charm that I really I should sell him my camera I willingly handed it over, for a fair price I am sure! I'll miss that great guy! He was an Irish Hurricane of fresh air in a TV world where it is so easy to become jaded and tired of being a cameraman. He was an inspiration to us all! My sincere condolences at this dark hour go out to Louise, the family and friends.
Dominic Gribbin, UK

Dear Louise, I had the honour and the pleasure to work with Simon for a while. He was an excellent cameraman, and above all a WONDERFUL HUMAN BEING (such a rare thing today). When I heard the news of his death, I remembered our first assignment together: the damages of mobiles phones (such a boring item for someone like him, just landed from Jerusalem, but he did it with spirit). Even today, I can't believe he is gone. My consolation is having met him. Please be courageous. With all my love.
Kristina Zorita, ETB, Spain

Some of my most cherished memories from childhood are the summers spent with "the Irish relatives" - watching Simon run in the nationals, asking to play with the action figures that Simon and Stephen collected, water fights around Gran and Gaga's house in Greystones. Though distance may have separated us over the years, I know that all of Simon’s family here in Canada was intrigued and proud of his accomplishments. As an adult, I did not know Simon nearly as well as I would have liked, but in reading the tributes to him, I think that the beauty of Simon’s spirit is best illustrated in the way he has touched all who knew him. Brona, Bobby, Stephen, Eimear, Catraoine, and Louise – my love, thoughts, and prayers are with you. To my cousin Simon – God bless and sleep well.
Declán Baker, Calgary, Canada

He did a damn good job of being an ambassador for the irish abroad.He was always smiling,hail,rain,or blazing sunshine. I was always glad to run into him in the worst hellholes,even though he mocked my Northern drawl every chance he got. I'm proud to say I knew and learned from him. He gave us a more respectable reputation than we deserved and he made every op seem like a bloody holiday. How can you compete with someone like that?
Mike Gallagher, Germany

What a terrible loss. It still hasn't sunk in properly yet. You couldn't have asked for a finer companion than Simon. I remember how he brightened up an otherwise bleak weekend in Bucharest when George Bush was in town. Louise, my thoughts are with you and all of Simon's family at this awful time. Peter Biles, BBC News, London, UK

My memories are of us as small children, Greystones, Navan, Longford, always happy times. Even when yourself and Stephen taught me about dead legs. I learned the hard way but still have very fond memories of those days. You are sorely missed.  Justin, Scotland

Bobby, Bro, Steven, Eimear, Catroina and Lousie - my heartfelt condolences and deepest symapthies go out to you tonight. I can not claim to have known Simon very well, but the bonds of family transcend distance, time and circumstance. I constantly ask Mom how "the Irish" are doing and it was with great sadness that I heard of your loss. It seems to me that Simon was an inspiration to all - a man full of passion, humour and dedication. By all accounts he led an extraordinary life filled with love and the pursuit of greater truths. I am sure that had I known Simon even one minute more, I would be a better man for it. As I mourn with you now, I also hope that we can all meet again someday and celebrate this cousin of mine who always had a smile on his face and a kind word in his heart. On behalf of myself and my wife Kelly, I send all my love. Take care and goodnight.
Simon, you seemed a man who had the gift of gab and appreciated a good turn of phrase. I thought I'd end with an old Newofundland saying - "Long may your big jib draw!" I am sure that wherever you are the winds are fair and the seas are calm. Take care.

Ciaran Baker, Nova Scotia, Canada

It is with great sadness that I write these lines to express our deepest and most heartfelt condolences to Louise, Simon's family, friends and colleagues. Lillian and I will always remember Simon for his wonderful, cheery disposition, great professionalism and clever wit. We regret that we never had the opportunity to meet Simon in person, but working with him on the phone and via email for so many years, drew us to feel like we knew him as more than just a business associate, but as a friend. Early into our working relatiionship, he quickly and easily earned our trust and our loyalty because he was such a joy to work with. He will be sorely missed on this side of the world too. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you-those who knew himand loved him. May God comfort you with strength, with faith and with His love. We will also continue to keep Frank Gardner in our prayers.
Yours truly.
Marlene & Lillian May, May International Productions, Miami, Florida USA

Our hearts and thoughts are with Louise and the Cumbers family. We will remember Simon as the 'always smiling Irish lad'. We worked with Simon for APTV in Europe and Africa and it was always a great pleasure to have him around. A true professional with a heart and that famous smile. We feel honoured to have worked with him. Louise: stay strong!
Claude Colart & Sahm Venter, Johannesburg, South Africa
My condolences to Louise and the family of Simon Cumbers. Simon was just the best to work with. My absolute favorite because he was great fun, a gentleman and smart.
He will be missed by too many. I am happy to have known him; but broken because he's gone.
Koen Santermans (ex-APTV), Antwerp, Belgium
 What a tragic loss. I met Simon several times but only had the pleasure of working with him once. It was on a mad Newsnight trip to Libya where we were chasing Colonel Gadaffi around the desert. His good humour and professsionalism carried the trip. He was a unique guy and our thoughts are with Louise and his family.
Richard Moss, BBC, UK

Simon will always be remembered in Jerusalem. He made several very successful trips -- we especially recall his time with us during the siege of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem in 2002. Simon was the first BBC cameraman to film inside Manger Square during the siege and put together an excellent report. We are devastated to lose Simon as a colleague and a friend and our thoughts are with you all.
Simon Wilson, BBC Jerusalem Bureau, Israel

My heart is broken at the murder of my nephew Simon, such a waste of a talented, affable and wonderful person. Jackie and I can only imagine the sheer aguish Louise is experiencing, because there are no words to express it, our love and thoughts are with her and we will always be here for her to turn to if ever she feels the need. The extinguishing of this life has left the world a much darker place. I find it hard to accept that I will no longer hear that booming voice, the exuberant conversationalist, the sheer lust for life that Simon exuded about everything he encountered.  Jackie and I miss him immeasurably. Simon, you touched so many peoples lives and in doing so , you enhanced and enriched them so much , it is just so sad that it only comes to light with your totally untimely demise. You will never be forgotten. 
Brian Thompson, UK

Louise, Bob, Brona & Family, we are thinking of you, loving you and wishing you peace and comfort at this most difficult time. We think of you every day and pray that you find some healing. God Bless you.
Marie & Lou Strecker, USA

I'm so sorry for your loss. A good man, young, with talent and vision. May the good he accomplished in his life live on.
Joan Price, USA

Louise, words are entirely inadequate at a time such as this. Everyone at News 24 is thinking of you.
Simon Waldman, BBC, UK

I first met Simon in a muddy field in Drumcree some ten years ago - and we continued to bump into each other in odd places around the world ever since. This is an absolute tragedy and my heart goes out to Louise and family. I only hope you can draw some strength from these messages. They read like a "who's who" of international newsgathering -- which just shows Simon's enormous talent and experience. It's no surprise that messages of sympathy seem to have poured in from around the world - from top flight correspondents to suppliers of kit and carnets. Everyone who met Simon will miss his smile.
Tony Smith, BBC, UK

SIMON - You were my guide on my first foreign assignment. I could not have had a better introduction to the challenges and excitement of a Journalist's life in the field. It was something you clearly loved. You had so many special qualities - the most impressive - and the most infectious was your unfailing optomism.. Thank you for your encouragment, for your faith, for sharing, for never failing to be there as a friend for me.. Whenever Simon walked into a room - he lit it up with his smile. His warmth, love of life and devotion to Louise is incredible.  I count myself among the lucky ones - grateful to have had Simon in my life and privelidged enough to have met the wonderful family and friends who surrounded him and Louise.  All of us continue to adore you Simon and we are here for Louise. You have left a lasting impression, both as a Journalist and as a friend. We all miss you - you enriched our lives and you will not be forgotton.
Navdip Dhariwal, BBC correspondent, UK 

My first impression of Simon at Channel 4 Daily was of a good bloke who knew how to laugh...and that never changed. At sports events all over the world he always seemed to be there ready with a witty oneliner. The job was never more important than the people he worked around. Can't quite believe he won't be on the next one and so sad that the last time we met was at the screening of James Miller's Gaza film. My heart goes out to Louise.
Sue Turton, Channel 4 News, UK

Dear Louise, I was shocked and saddened to hear of Simon's sudden death. As you know, we bumped into each other only a few weeks ago on the North End Road as you were leaving the Production Show. I can't say that I knew Simon that well, we had done business together a few times and I'd met him on a handful of social occasions, but I was always struck by his good nature and the genuine interest he took in other people. I will be sorry not to see his smiling face again. Sincerest sympathies to you and his family.
Tim Riding, UK

I had only known Simon for a couple of months, and I wish it could have been for longer. In that short time he gave me the confidence to go freelance, and the week before he went to Saudi he spared the time to teach me the finer points of SX laptop editing. From what others have written it’s clear that I’m not alone in remembering Simon as a generous and inspirational character. I’ll miss you. My deepest sympathies to Louise, Simon’s family and all at Locum.
Richard Ashdown, London, UK

Louise, I really don't know what to say and so much has been written far better than I ever could. Simon was a wonderful, generous man and will be missed by all who knew him. My thoughts are with. xxxx
Martin Langley, UK/Cyprus

Dear Bobby,Brona and family and of course Louise, my sincerest condolences to all of you on the death of Simon. His passing is the cruellest theft of a loving son, a caring brother and a devoted husband and a friend to many. A crime against nature and God however you call his name. It was a privilege to have known him as a cousin and if not always in constant contact, I would often wonder which part of the world he was in and what he was reporting on. As has been written by so many, his death is a tragic waste of a young life and the world is a gloomier place without him. Rest in peace cousin.
Conor, UK

Louise, I was so very sorry to hear about Simon's tragic death. Like you and Simon, My husband ( Duncan Smith ) and I met and married whilst working at LNN, and our hearts go out to you and your families at this terrible time.
Debra Davidson, former colleague at LNN, UK

My deepest sympathy to Simon's wife and family at this very sad time. I grew up with Simon and found him to be one of the nicest, kindest people I have ever met. He was a very good humoured person and always had a smile for everyone. A very sad loss.
Loretto Kelly, UK

I had the great fortune of having worked with Simon at Wimbledon so many seasons and I will never forget how hard he worked, how much care he took with his art, how delightful he was to be around, how much of a friend he became. When I heard the news of his death, I was immediately and forever saddened that the world had lost such a remarkable young man and artist. My heartfelt condolences to Louise and his family on their loss, as well as ours.
Jim Huber, USA

Dear Louise - This comes with all our love to you. We are thinking about you at this terrible time, and are so sad for your loss. Simon was one of the best. We are here if you need us, Fiona Mike and Aisling xxx
Fiona Phillips, UK

Dear Simon, It was a pleasure to have known you mate. God bless.
Bill Thomas, UK

What a terrible waste of a man who seemed to so love and embrace life. Simon, you were always so unselfishly generous in a business that often is not. Whether sitting on the steps chatting in the CNN days or trying to meet yet another seemingly impossible deadline together in the field, you were alway positive and had a unique ability to defuse the tension. And always, you did it with humour, grace and class. Thank you.
Louise, we met only once, but please know you are very much in my thoughts at this difficult time. I wish you and Simon's family, stregth and peace at this difficult time. With best wishes, Mandy Kibel

Mandy Kibel, UK

Dearest Louise, You are like our family and since we had that so sad news we can just praid for you and your family. We will always remember the stars in Simon's eyes. We love you so much and think of you. Be strong
with all our love and prayers
Annik and Claude Cousin, France

Dear Cumbers family, I had the privilege of learning ISO from Simon's father, Bob. Bob and his family had come to love America, especially Florida, and they have been here often the past 8 yrs or so. I know that if Simon was a "chip off the old block" as we say in America, then Simon was a wonderful person with a great sense of humor. I am so sorry to have learned of Simon's death, and regret that I have no words that will ease the pain your family is enduring. I believe that life is eternal and that God is good and just. "And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and sould and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ." I Thessalonians 5:23. God bless you, Louise, Bob & Brone and the entire Cumbers family.
Victoria Mathis, USA

What a sad loss to the world of broadcasting. We had many laughs with Simon when he visited us in the APTV Engineering workshop at Norwich Street and at our unofficial office at the Castle public house. No matter what stress he was under that trademark smile very rarely broke.
Gordon Murray, BSkyB, UK

Louise, Our prayer and love go you and to Uncle Ron and Aunt CHunky as you allo face this terrible time. We pray you will find strength and courage in your faith. We know what a terrible loss this is for all of you.
Much love.
Cousins Ray and Susan Lvine, Atlanta, USA

I was immensely shocked to learn about Simon's tragic death, especially because it took a while to dawn on me that the person smiling out from the photograph was the same bouncy cub reporter I knew in Belfast from the 90's. I was then with Channel 4 News. Simon was extremely nice, enthusiastic, and a super person to work alongside. He was always so friendly - and indeed I do remember that when I saw him last he was on the brink of making the transition to camera operator. I am so sorry he has gone. He was lovely. My heartfely condolences.
Tanya Sillem, Ireland

I had the pleasure of running into Simon in the lift on my first day at AP in Norwich Street. We started talking which I suppose wasn't surprising when we found out we were both paddies. He walked me into the newsroom and I was so at ease chatting to him I forgot to be overwhelmed by starting a new job. After that day any time he was in the newsroom he would always pop by to say hello and fill me in on any news from home. He was a pleasure to work with.
Dee Hayes, Ireland

Simon was a constant source of cheery conversation during the long, often cold and wet hours we all spent hanging around Stormont, Hillsborough Castle or wherever else Northern Ireland's politicians were holding their interminable talks. My thoughts, and I am sure the thoughts of the rest of Belfast press pack, are with Louise and the rest of Simon's family.
Mark Devenport, UK

Dear Simon - as one who 'worked' alongside you on various occasions I have to say that you always changed the meaning of the word 'work' to 'fun'. From the beginning of the day until crashing out for the night, your wonderful smile, great friendship and words of Irish wisdom installed a sense of wellbeing in everyone whose lives you touched. My heart goes out to Louise and your family - may they find some consolence in knowing that you died doing a job you loved and believed in.
Peter Emmerson, BBC, UK

Simon was a joy to work with during the mayhem and madness that was the launch of APTV. It's a tragedy that he was so brutally robbed of his life.
His death makes us all pause for thought. 
Eleanor Montague, UK

Louise, may you find the strength and courage to carry on. Am thinking of you. xx
Colette Cumbers, Dublin, Ireland

We are very sorry to hear of the sad sudden loss of Simon, Please pass on our sympathies To his brother Stephen ,and all his family Again , deepest sympathies ,
Gerry & Bernie Martin, Navan, Ireland

I met Simon at the WEF in Davos, when his good humour and patience struck me instantly. He filmed my interview with John Simpson with the camera on his shoulder because he had no tripod. It was a favour to a young journalist like me and one that I wont forget since it played a crucial role in getting me the presenter/reporter role i had craved. It was the measure of the man that he helped a stranger and even contacted me back in London to see if he could help further. Nothing that I can write here will assuage the justifyable anger felt by his family and friends at Simons death.
Joe Lynam, Ireland

With deepest sympathy to Stephen and his family on the tragic death of his brother, Simon.
Olive Falsey, Ireland

Deepest condolences to the Cumber family on the tragic loss of Simon. Ar Deis De a Anam.
Vivienne McSherry, Ireland

Words cannot express the tragedy of Simons death. We all take risks in the line of work and usually come home to tell the stories and look forward to the next trip. Once in a while something happens which makes you think about what you do for a living. This week i have been asked to go to Baghdad and Saudi, i turned both trips down.
Jon Gilbert, UK

Even though I have never met Simon, we do have a great little nephew in common, who will grow up knowing he has a special gaurdian angel looking down on him. Simon you are sadly missed by all your family and friends. But your memory will never be lost. Sleep well and tread softly upon those clouds.
Kate Markey, Navan, Ireland

Simon was one of life's gentlemen..., one of those rare friends who was always happy to see you, offer help, and always accompanied by that massively infectious smile. After knowing Simon for over a decade, I can't believe I won't be seeing him again to lighten the mood on assignment whatever the situation. Deepest condolences to his family and colleages, he will be deeply, sorely missed.
Ian Waldie, UK

All staff of the IAVI in Ireland extend deepest sympathy to Louise and the Cumbers family, and especially to Simon's father Bob, with whom we have worked closely in recent times. While words are inadequate at this time, we hope that the expressions of support you receive will in some small way help you at this dreadful time.
Alan Cooke, Ireland

Dear Louise, I am extremely sorry for your tragic loss. I didn't know Simon but it seems that in his all too short life he gained many friends and much affection. My thoughts are with you.
Fran Unsworth, UK

You knew that if you saw Simon on a job that the day would be better for it. My deepest condolences
Andrew Buurman, UK

A truely lovely man..a great journalist..a breath of fresh air..brought light and a smile into every situation..I have worked with him on all sorts over the years..seen him en passant in Baghdad..I just cannot believe so strong a force in our community is gone...I remember him with love and send all love to you his partner and wife, and to his family and friends. x
Jon Snow, Channel Four News, UK

Simon and I were start up members of the fledging APTV back in the heady days of 1994. I was Europe and Africa editor and, until he left shortly before I did to set up his own very successful business with Louise, Simon covered stories all over the world, often in difficult and dangerous places. We kept in touch intermittently, too often sadly at APTN funerals. Simon was a fabulous person, a terrific professional and will be endlessly missed. My heart goes out to all his many friends and colleagues and above all to Louise and the family. Words can't really help those left behind in such devastating circumstances but they can perhaps in a small way acknowledge the high regard this lovely man was held by so many people.
Angela Thomae, UK

"We've lost one of our own" - the reaction of a friend and like me, a former colleague of Simon's. We worked together in Dublin's first licenced commercial radio station. The newsteam was energetic and enthusiastic and none more so than Simon. He was always on the trail of a story and relished the job. Simon was endlessly optimistic. He wanted to do everything and go everywhere. I last saw Simon a few years ago in London. We spent a lovely day together in Richmond, enjoying the sunshine, picking up easily where we had left off, laughing and joking. I can't believe he's gone. Deepest condolences to his wife and family. Beannacht Dé lena anam. Avril Hoare, RTE News, Dublin, Ireland

I have been reading through all the messages that have sent to my family and I would like to thank everyone for their kind words and thoughts. Simon was my BIG brother who I had a great relationship with. I will miss him so much. His smile alone could fill a room. He always knew what to say and do and was nearly always right. Simon, you will always be my BIG BROTHER and I will be your LITTLE SISTER Love forever Catraoine and your nephew Eoghan.
Catraoine Cumbers, Ireland

To a True Hero, Words cannot express the shock I experienced when Catraoine told me the appalling news last Sunday night. This shock turned to grief as we began discussing various stories about you. You were gauranteed to brighten up the darkest of days both with your presence and personality, on the occassions when I attended family get togethers you always made me feel like part of your family, and your were always the life and soul of every party. I will never forget your smiling face Simon, you are spoken of so highly by everyone, and you were so kind hearted and loving to Louise, your Mam and Dad, Brother and Sisters, and particularly your Niece and Nephews. You'll never be forgotton and will forever be loved by everyone who was fortunate enough to know you. Sleep well Simon, Heaven will be a happier place with you in it.
Sinead, Navan, Co. Meath, Ireland

Sincerest sympathies thoughts are with you. It's been a long time since I worked with Simon at LNN but I remember he was a pleasure to be around and always made me laugh....full of smiles and enthusiasm for life, he was a truely charismatic man. He is a sad loss to us all, both personally and professionally.
Simon Brynjolffssen, Sydney, Australia

Dear Louise, what awful, awful news. It' such a shock and so hard to reason why. I didn't work with Simon personally, but knew of him as a truly talented professional, kind and fun to be with. And all the tributes attest to this. Try to hold onto the good times and remember his love will never leave you. You're in my thoughts. Karen Bowerman, BBC TV, UK

I was shocked and horrified to hear of Simon's death in Saudi Arabia. My sincere condolences to you Louise and to all your family. I worked with Simon through my work with CNN but am now based back in Dublin and work as a reporter/presenter. Everyone in the business here was saddened by the news. I was a features producer when I worked with Simon and he was a joy to be around and to work with. All my love.
Geoff Power, Ireland

Simon was one of those people whose presence in difficult and often dangerous places lifted your spirits.His unremitting enthusiasm and optimism made him a much loved and valued colleague. I will miss him.
Peter Sharp, UK

simon miss you man. louise im very sorry for your loss. lots of love scotty x
Scott Mcwhinnie, London, UK

I never had the pleasure of meeting Simon, and tragically I never will. But as others have commented, his name often came up when producers and correspondents were swapping tips on top class cameramen. It's a measure of the man that he touched so many lives around the world, and reading some of the messages posted here, it's clear his spirit will live on in the memories of those fortunate enough to have known him. My thoughts are with Louise, his family and his many friends.
Alan Grady, BBC, UK

Simon definitely inherited the Thompson good cook gene. To this day I still remember the poached pear in red wine sauce that he cooked for me once. It was delicious.. I was so proud of my cousin and often wondered if I was watching his filming during the news. I will treasure the memory of that great evening we all had at Springers a few months ago. I only wish I had seen him more often. Louise and Cumbers family, you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. He leaves a hole that will never be filled or forgotten.
Ciara, UK

I have extremely happy memories of the days spent shooting with Simon for CNN in and around London in 1998 and '99, as part of the "Inside Europe" team. I echo everyone elses' impressions of him as a pleasure to work with, and an absolute professional. You'll be sadly missed, Simon....deepest condolences to Louise.
Richard Goslan, USA

I remember Simon, we spent a whole summer's day together door-stepping Dodi Fayed's garage door off Park Lane. And then again, a cold winter's evening outside St James' Palace waiting for the limousine ferrying the Charles and Camilla "out" together for the first time. However the car we peered at speeding by was not HRH, and the lady staring back at us through the thick glass was not Camilla, but US Sec of State Madelaine Albright on her way to her own dinner date with Rt Hon Robin Cook, presumably to chew over NATO's plan to attack Kosovo weeks later.
Andy Stuart, UK

With deepest sympathy to Stephen and his family on the tragic death of his brother, Simon.
Seán Clarke, Ireland

Hearing those words in your earpiece just before a live; 'Cue Cumbers' never failed to make me smile, but then smiles were never far away when working with Simon. One of the nicest and most decent men I've had the pleasure to work with and call friend, you will be missed so much. Our thoughts are with you Louise, and I hope you might take some small comfort from these hundreds of tributes and the knowledge that your dear Simon touched so many of us in his tragically short life
Kevin O'Mahony, UK

I was shocked and saddened to hear about the loss of Simon in Saudi Arabia. Although I lost touch with Simon and Louise upon my departure from London News Network in 1994, I will always remember Simon's warm personality and great big smile. As a young American journalist-in-training living and working in London for LNN, it was a pleasure to meet and work with people like Simon and Louise who were both extremely professional and very personable. We all know the risks involved with being a journalist, but it never feels real until tragedy strikes someone you know and someone who was obviously so well respected and liked as demonstrated by this web site. Louise, a late congratulations for marrying such a nice, hard-working guy. I am very sorry for your loss but he will obviously not be forgotten by those who knew him and his work. My deepest sympathies to you and his family and friends during this difficult time. Best wishes to Frank Gardner for a speedy recovery.  Eunice Ueda Louie, KRON-TV, San Francisco, USA

Simon will be greatly missed by all his friends in Navan A.C. Our deepest sympathy to Louise,Bob, Bronagh Stephen Eimear Catherina and familes.
Rita Brady, Ireland

With much love and many thanks to you and Louise for the happy memories - fly fishing in the West Country when we were all at LNN together and holiday programme larks at Gleneagles. You were there for me when times were hard and I think that sums up the way you - and Louise - approach life, putting others, especially the little guys first. I'm privileged to have known you Simon
Trish Williamson, UK

To Louise and to Bronagh and Bob, to Eimear and David, Caitriona, Stephen, Cait and all of the children...there are no words to console you on the loss of Simon. 'People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed, only if there is light from within.' -- Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. And how obvious a light he was.... Love and light to you all and may you find deep healing in your hearts always.
Sharon O'Farrell, Navan, Ireland

My deepest condolences for Simon's wife and family. It is tragic to learn when a good innocent people are murdered by terrorists. May almighty God bring peace and comfort to his family and those responsible brought to justice very soon.
Kevin Barry, USA

I did not know Simon, but I have heard so much about him from my son Oran, who is a freelance camera man living and working in London. Oran speaks so highly of Simon, the good advice he gave Oran, the encouragement, generous with his time and knowlege, an inspiration to other young camera men. In Oran's words 'he was so sound, a really lovely man' His violent death sent shock waves through my family. My heartfelt sympathy to Simon's wife Louise and his family in Co. Meath on their sad and tragic loss.
Corry O'Reilly, Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland

I recall getting soaked on some miserable assignment and going home with a hilarious photograph of Simon and some colleagues trying to take shelter in ripped up binliners, and under a useless golf umbrella. Needless to say, Simon's generous grin is what I remember now, how it defied the Irish rain and cheered us all up. That is how I will remember him, always funny, always friendly, like a rainbow with his big colourful coat. As a cameraman, he was obviously one of the best. As a man, he obviously made a difference, in ways big and small. He spent his life wisely. I wish I had half his courage, professionalism and personality.
Elaine Monaghan, ex Reuters

With love and sadness Simon, God Bless You. My thoughts are with you and all your family. Your cousin in Scotland.
Pauline Monro, Scotland, UK

To Louise, Simon's family, Loz and Tim - seeing all the wonderful messages on the site makes it clear that Simon made a huge impression on so many people in his life, us included. We hope that these wishes bring you some comfort as you bear the terrible loss. Our special memories of Simon will always remain and you are in our thoughts every day.
Sarah and Tony Jackson, Dubai, UAE

Simon, you always had the perfect words for every occasion, I can't find any to express my shock at your loss. I'll miss you my friend,
John Boon, BBC Cameraman, UK

This message is to let Louise and Simon's Family and my Uncle Brian and Auntie Jackie who were Simon's aunt and uncle know that I am thinking of them all at this very sad time. I remember staying at Brian and Jackies house in Blackheath when we were all younger after a party at the wine bar, and seeing him when he was at the Wine Bar on various occassions, he was a very friendly person with a very big smile and I can see him sitting at the end of the bar with a big grin!! Such a sad loss to all that knew him, my thoughts are with you all.
Nicola Whittle

Having worked with Simon at LNN I remember well what a fun loving professional he was. I share your grief at this sad time.
Duncan Stewart, UK

To hear that someone like Simon had been taken from us was a huge shock and dreadful tragedy. My thoughts are with you Louise and all of Simon's family. Simon was one of those people whom you hope to come across in your life - a good friend, supportive colleague and someone who you know you could trust implicitly. Add to this the immense contribution he gave to his profession and the huge respect he commanded from all of us who worked alongside him. I only met Simon about 3 or 4 times, and that small number is testament to the impression he left on all he met. We will miss him.
Nick Woolley, UK

This message is for Louise and all of Simon's family. I know the family and have met Simon on one or two occasions due to the fact that his Uncle Brian is my brother-in-law married to mu sister Jackie. Jackie and Brian own "Springers Wine Bar" which is where most of our family get togethers were held. Brian's and Simon's family is very close as is ours and we therefore understand the devastation felt by the death of Simon throughout the family as a whole. It is also a measure of the man that Simon was to see the tributes left to him. I hope that in a while Louise will be able to read these messages and draw a little comfort from them. May God's blessing be upon you all at this time and give you the strength you need. From the whole of the Wright family.
Mandy Wright, England, UK

Deepest sympathy to Louise and all the Cumbers family on your sad loss.
Rosie Byrne, Navan, Ireland

Simon will be much missed, I knew him as a reporter early in his career and remember his kindness to me as a very junior reporter who was just starting out. My sincere condolences to Louise and all who knew and loved Simon.
Mari Rees, Wales, UK

I never had the chance to work with Simon. But reading the tributes from other reporters, I can see I missed out. Louise: along with all BBC colleagues here in Brazil, I'm thinking of you at this terrible time. Our deepest condolences and lots of love.
Steve Kingstone, Correspondent, BBC Sao Paulo, Brazil 

Dear louise, so sorry to hear the tragic news of Simon's death. Sally and I were on holiday when we heard the news, we were both deeply shocked. Our prays and thoughts go out to you. If there is anything we can do for you, please let us know. Love. Simon and Sally Banks, UK

While i never knew or had heard of him, the news of simons death has been on my mind and troubled me. i would like you to know that i think of both simon and his family everyday and hope that as a family you will be able to come through it at some point and know that many people are thinking of you.
Rona O'reilly, Ireland

It came as a grave shock that such a gentle, friendly soul as Simon could be killed, and so brutally. Those who knew him will forever carry the memory of his warm smile and ready laugh.
Bryan Brumley, USA

I worked with Simon at ITN - what a joy - his kindness, professionalism, enthusiasm and energy touched everyone who had the pleasure to work with him - it was just a short while ago Louise that you were telling me how blessed you felt to be married to Simon - I send you and Simon's family my love and deepest sympathy. I do not know Frank Gardner but I wish him a full and speedy recovery.
Jan Oliver, UK

It was with great sadness while in baghdad that I heard of the tragic death of Simon.The last time I saw Simon was in the same place this time last year when he was covering Jack Straws visit. He was in top form and we were laughing about the days when both he and myself were runing around Dublin chasing stories when he worked for a local radio station.Its a dreadful thing to happen and my thoughts are with Louise and Simons family back in Ireland.
Sean Swan, Thailand

Simon was the first cameraman I worked regularly with. He was always brimming with energy, enthusiasm and professionalism. He guided me through my first steps in broadcasting and was totally unselfish in sharing his knowledge. My sincere condolences to his family and colleagues.
Brendan Ager, CNN, UK

I was very sad and shocked to hear of your loss Louise. I want you to know I am sending my thoughts warmest wishes for you and your family during this time.
Ben Hoffman, UK

When the phone rang and a soft Irish voice said "Hello there, it's Simon" I always knew that it would not be a short call. His enthusiasm for all he did, and his great humour and compassion will never be forgotten by those who knew him. What a tragic loss. My heart goes out to you Louise and all of Simon's family.
Katie Finigan, BBC News, UK

How lucky we are to have known you
How lost we all are now you're gone
How cruel is the world that we live in
How true that your spirit lives on

Simon, we will never forget you.
Louise, we send our love to you.
Chris and Lesley Beck 

Dear Louise and family, My thoughts are with you at this terrible time. Simon was a truly wonderful man, and will never be forgotten.
Catrin Williams (old colleague at APTN), UK

I knew Simon at ITN's Channel Four Daily. He was such a pleasure to work with. So professional, so easy, so at ease, and such bloody good fun. And when things went wrong, he never made a fuss. He just saw it as the way life worked. And he had no truck with office politics. I always admired his attitude and I truly believe if there were more journalists like him around the profession would be immeasurably better for it. There was no side to him, no ego. Just a good old Irish common sense and grip on reality. One of the very few who could brighten up a newsroom and make it human. A major loss.
Nick Skeens, UK

Dear Louise, It was with great sadness that I heard the news about Simon. I was lucky enough to work with him on a number of occaisions when I was a producer on the 6 O'clock news. Simon was a brilliant cameraman who was wonderful to work with. I owe him a particular debt of gratitude as he once took me to hospital after I suffered a seizure while we were working on a job in Spain. He was absolutely brilliant -- phoning everyone from my boss to my mum and explaining exactly what happened to the doctors. I have never forgotten that and never will. I wish you all the best. Please send my fondest wishes to everyone in the family.
Job Rabkin, UK

I wanted to send my condolences to Simon's family and to say how much I admired his courage in the cause of investigative reporting. I did not know him personally but I feel pride in sharing his vocation and anger at his loss. He is an example of all that is best in our profession. 
Paul Keller, UK

It was a long time since we last met up and from footage I have seen, we almost met again in the Middle East. It is one thing for persons like me to go to the Middle East providing armed protection but it is stubborn bravery that enables persons like Simon to do the same without adequate protection.
The truth is often the the first casualty of a conflict and one has to commend the actions of people like Simon that try to deliver the truth at extraordinary risk to themselves.
Garrett Fitz Gerald, England, UK

I last worked with Simon in Kuwait just before the Iraq war. Although I only knew him professionally I always had the feeling that he was an old friend. Simon always made you feel like a friend. I am so sad that he has been struck down in his prime. He was a kind, caring patient man and a very decent person will be sadly missed
Kiffa Roberts, London, UK

I worked with Simon at ITN and will always remember how night shifts on the Channel 4 Daily were brighter when he was around. I'll remember his smile and humour and his enthusiasm, all much remarked upon here. My heart goes out to you, Louise. No-one can possibly know what you're going through right now, but I sincerely hope these messages give some comfort.
Joan Bird (Patching), UK 

To my Uncle Simon, I may have only known you for a short time but what a time. All the hugs and tickles you gave me and the way you used to send me really hyper......... I will miss you. Stan the Leopard the teddy you gave me for Christmas last year sits proudly on my bed and will be a reminder to me of the wonderful man that you were. All my love.                        Eoghan(2.5yrs), Navan, Ireland

I had the immense privilege and pleasure of working with Simon in Oman in 2001 (also with Joanne Cayford and Frank Gardner) and then again a year ago in southern Iraq. And he called by the newsdesk for a chat as he was on his way to Saudi, this time. When he and Frank were in Khobar I spoke to them a lot, coordinating their pieces for the Six and the Ten. I told them I wished I was with them, what could be better than to work in the Middle East with Simon and Frank?  The words of his many, many friends around the world say it - Simon was an extraordinary man, immensely talented but also a terrific human being. And so full of life. We all miss him terribly. Louise, you can be so proud of all that Simon achieved, and of the admiration and love he inspired. We're with you.
Anthony Massey, BBC News, London, UK

Sincerest condolences to Simon's family,only met up with him again at Easter back in Navan,had a great night,spent a long time remembering on our school days in St.Pats where I sat beside him in French for five years!Bon voyage Simon, you will get a great story up there!Everyone will keep you in their hearts and minds.It was a pleasure to have known you,adieu ami.
Gerry Meade, Ireland

What can I say that hasn't already been said.You were a fantastic guy to work with..a steady rock I remember in the middle of the chaos of the Gujarat earthquake.A truly decent guy in every way.You will be so badly missed.But where you've gone to now my old mate, you'll never run out of tape and the light will always be just right.Your passing has left a void in this industry, and in the hearts of many.
Clive Myrie, BBC Washington, USA 

Dear Simon, What a wonderful person you were. Your irrepressible smile and good humour was so infectious. I am so glad that I knew you and I will really miss you. Love.  Anna Williams, UK

i could believe the news flash on sky news on that sunday night, my class mate simon cumbers was killed in saudi.simon made his confirmation with me and the rest of the lads in scoil mhuire and attended st pats were i rememeber him as a very good runner (not great at soccer two left feet)and excellent at rice and kevin mallon looked after him .my deepest sympaties to his wife ,his mum and dad his brother stephen and sister .from the lads from 1A2 ,stano ,eanna moyles ,tony kenny ,alan rogers,....may he rest in peace.
William Stanley, Navan, County Meath, Ireland

It's so long since I worked with Simon - back in the days of the Channel 4 Daily - yet I still treasure the memories of happy times with a friendly, exuberant character, a professional who was a pleasure to work with - even my husband remembered him well and he didnt even work with him. News of his death shocked and grieved us both - even in a year when we had lost other colleagues during the war in Iraq, Simon's loss is hard for his former colleagues to bear: of course it is so much harder for Louise and his colleagues - my thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Emma Maxwell, UK

My sincere sympathy to all the Cumbers family at this dreadful time, you are all in our thoughts.
Julie Creedon, Ireland

It was with great sadness that I read about Simon's murder. I was at school with Simon and brother Stephen and had met Simon a few times while I worked in London in the early 90's. A agin I offer my condolonces.
David Smith, Ireland

It was such a shock to hear about Simon's untimely death. Reading all the messages posted to you Simon, I wish now that we had met more often. Four years is a long time not to see your cousin!! Your infectious enthusiasm for life and dediaction to your family and profession will serve as a guide to many after you. May you rest in peace. Louise, Bobby,Brona and family- you are all in my thoughts and prayers and I hope that all our prayers will help you through this tough time. Its such a shame that something as terrible as this had to bring us all together again.
Garrett Lynn, cousin, Taipei, Taiwan

Sincere sympathy to Stephen and all the Cumbers family on the tragic death of Simon. Jim White, Ireland

Simon, just been over to dads.he is so sad .we all loved you and will miss you so much.louise i just want to hug you and make things better, i can only try. love you forever
Ciara Smyth (12), Ireland

Gobsmacked when the tragic news came through. I remember well growing up with Simon, an energetic and enthusiastic young man. If my children mature with a fraction of the self-belief Simon had I will be a proud man. Deepest sympathy to all your family and friends.
Tony Kenny, Ireland

Deepest sympathy to Steven and his family at this time of sadness and tragedy. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.
Yvonne Price, Ireland

Goodbye Simon. I only met you a few times but it was clear you were one of the good guys.
George Waldrum, Insight News TV, London

Simon, I am sure you can listen to me from the other side. This is your friend Firoz - who you constantly advised on my building Deshbangla Television. I used to seek your help - phone you at all odd hours and used to leave msg. after msg. You came to my office (Dame Colet house in Stepney Green, East London) after your trip - if I can remember - to Afganistan or was it Iraq. You were very happy to see the progress I was making. And you said you would help - free of charge and teach/show my young boys all about Camera etc to build a strong team. I was delighted to know you would help us - remember?? I was looking forward for your visit again. I came to know you, when CNN took my interview and you were on the camera. I used to (1999-2000) then run Bangla TV (ethnic TV) at Stratford. Since then we became good friend. Who is now going to teach/show my boys how to do things and become professionals?? You were a very good person and dedicated to his work as a true professional. I am sure many people did not know your other side - helping ethnic TV organisation in their endeavour to grow. Now that you are gone - Simon who is going to help me - ah??? Simon - my friend - I shall never forget you and your sincere best wishes for my project - Deshbangla Television - a Bengali speaking Channel from East London. I just do not know what to say.
I shall miss you dearly - my good friend - Simon. May God bless your soul - may you rest in peace and until we meet again. Goodbye My dear friend.

Syed Sajedur Rahman (FIROZ), CEO Deshbangla Television Limited, London, UK

To dearest Louise and Simons family, We've read all the messages and it is just extraordinary,altough it should come as no surprise, as Simon was a clearly an extraordinary human being. Four years ago when my sister died suddenly, I found it so hard to make any sense of it. It is clear to me now that only the really special ones are taken from us, but as to the reason why, I don't think we will ever know. I just wanted to say what a lovely and moving service it was on Tuesday and to thank you for letting us share it with you and of course for giving us the opportunity to say goodbye to Simon. Louise, you are in our thoughts daily. Love from your old neighbours. xx.  Jules and David Tonge, UK

Dear Louise, I am so sorry to hear about your husband's death. I have been thinking about you. Love.  Shelley Charlesworth

I'm afraid I can add nothing more to such a long list of messages other than for Louise and Simon's family to remember all the good times in life, which I hope will bring you strength. I have memories that I will cherish when working alongside you both in my days of ReutersTV and when you were both at LNN. God be with You.
Darren Bramley, UK

I first met Simon during the early days of APTV - he was so bright, witty and full of fun, "cu-cumbers" as we often used to call him. When he decided to become a cameraman I went out on probably his first assignment behind the camera. He was calm and collected and typically was more concerned that I had all the material I needed for my report rather than worrying about his camera angles and lighting! I then bumped into Simon occasionally at the BBC and often chatted to Louise here in the newsroom about their progress with Locum Productions. What a terrible shock, an appalling loss to all who've known him. Heartfelt condolences to Louise and the Cumbers family.
Helen Wade, BBC TV News, UK

Sincere Condolences to Simon's family & friends. Our thoughts are with you.
Gallagher Family, Meath, Ireland

Sincere sympathy.  Neil Cassidy, Ireland

I first met Simon when I started working for then APTV - as one of the team of the start-up agency. We were told our wings were golden and that we could fly as high as we could. We could attain great things. I believe in many ways we did - but Simon went far beyond that. My heart goes out to his loved ones. Que descanses en paz.
Susanne Ramirez de Arellano, UK

Simon was a great cameraman, and a wonderful human being. A tragic loss, a tragic waste, he will be missed, remembered, and blessed.
Kate, London, UK

Dear Louise, you may not remember me, especially as I was away most of last year, but you and I cut together often before that, tucked away in those tiny edit suites by the gallery at News 24. I just want to offer you my most heartfelt sympathy, inadequate as that is. So many people's hearts break for you Louise, even as it's impossible to imagine how you really feel. It was so shocking to hear what had happened to Frank and your husband, and I wish you all the strength, love and support possible to help you through and keep you going.  Very best wishes with you
Susie Reid, UK

Simon and I worked together at APTN for more than four years. He was larger than life, generous to a fault, and his humanity shone through every story. My thoughts are with Louise and his family.
Martin Benedyk, UK

I am deeply saddened by Simon's death and pass on my heartfelt condolences to Louise and to Simon's family and friends. He was always a wonderful man to be with. He had so much energy, humour and, of course, talent. It was an honour to have known him. I also loved seeing him with Louise. Both so happy and so in love. My thoughts are with you all.
Dan Stanton, UK

Do not go gentle in to that good night.
Rage,rage against the dying of the light.
With love from
Arbel Jones and John Elllis, UK

I was deeply shocked and saddened to hear the heartbreaking news of Simon's death and I can't begin to imagine what Louise and all his family and friends must be going through. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this terrible time. It was always a pleasure to see Simon at Springers, whichever side of the bar I was on! He was such a warm, friendly guy wih a great sense of humour and an infectious smile. My deepest condolences to Louise, Brona & Bobby.
Mary Lavelle, Springers, London, UK

It's testimony to Simon's huge personality that these lovely messages come from a who's who of TV News from right across the world. Like many, I met him whilst working at LNN and we became good friends before I moved to Australia. I had known Louise since our days at TV-AM. Simon was a wonderful man and I am so sorry Louise. The world is a quieter and much less fun place without him. See you mate. Jeremy Havard, ex freelance BBC, LWT, LNN, ITN, CH4,SKY,TF-1,CBC, NBC, CH9,10,7, Sydney, Australia

Dear Louise, Loz and Tim, all my sincerest condolence to you and Simon's family.  Patricia Vacher, France

I learnt with sorrow and deep regret about the untimely death of Simon Cumbers. I had the privillage to work with him in Nairobi Kenya during the al queda attack on the American Embassy. He was a kind and gentle man to be around at all times.
Andrew Njoroge, Netherlands

Dear Louise and Simon's family, I am stunned and deeply saddened by Simon's so untimely death. What wonderful expressions of how Simon touched everyone he met are written here - from every sphere of his dynamic life. From our occasional meetings on the Isle of Wight, I shall always remember him having the grandest of humours - and an integrity of great clarity to all that he loved. I send you my deepest sympathy. Chris Jolliffe, UK

I never had the pleasure of meeting Simon, but I spoke to him on the day he and Frank arrived in Saudi on that fateful assignment. They said they were exhausted and hungry - neither had eaten a thing since landing. Despite this, Simon was cheery and helpful, and under the most difficult circumstances they managed to send a great track and rushes for a piece on the Six O'Clock News that night. I got the feeling this was someone who was dedicated, utterly professional, and relentlessly optimistic. Just three days later I heard the terrible news. What an incredible, tragic loss. My thoughts are with you Louise...working with you at News 24 was always a pleasure. And let's hope Frank has a speedy recovery. Sarah Deech, BBC, UK

Such a tragedy and injustice to a wonderful person. My sincere condolences go to Louise, to Simons family and brother Stephen. May you all be given the strength to get through what must be a most heart breaking time.
Joan Cunningham (Colleague of Stephen and old friend of Simon), Ireland

Cheers Simon, you were always a good man. Dave Copeland, Israel

I first met Simon in Basra last spring. Along with much of the British media we were based for a time in Saddam's Summer Palace. It wasn't the most salubrious of locations, but one of my fondest memories of that time is of Simon's constantly smiling face. He was charming, cheerful and kind. A lovely, lovely man. I was very sad to hear the news of his death. My sincere condolences to Louise and his family.
Jayne Secker, UK

Simon, Simon…so much larger than life that it seems impossible you’ve gone. You always watched my back, especially in Northern Ireland and the Middle East and always kept things cheery even though we were frozen through and through up at Stormont or beyond miserable in Omagh or Dunblane. It was lovely to see you and Louise both so happy at the LNN bash a few months back and that is how I will remember you – with a big smile on your face and a pint in your hand. Louise - sending you all my love and strength. x Rachel Bloomfield, UK

I was so sorry to hear about Simon's death, Louise. A terrible, terrible tragedy. You have all my best wishes. 
Alison Holt, UK

I'm so so sorry this happened and I send my heartfelt sympathies to Louise at this terrible time. Simon was a great guy, and a credit to his profession. Our paths crossed frequently in the Middle East; he was always smiling, good-natured, and busy. I always remembered how hurt he was when his friend John Schofield was killed. My thoughts are with his family and especially you, Louise.
Andrew Wilson, USA

My deepest sympathy to Louise and Simon's family. We last spoke in Madrid, Simon in the thick of it, laden with kit, under pressure - but still with time for a ready smile and a quick chat. He was a lovely fella. God bless you mate and your family.
Gary Curtis, GMTV, London, UK

Louise and family, my sincere condolences to you all, Louise, I was deeply shocked in hearing the news about Simon, losing a loved one is always difficult and hard process to over come, Simon had that unique character with passion and commitment as a remarkable and respected Cameraman from colleagues and friends throughout the world that has had the pleasure with working and being associated with Simon, from the beautiful tributes, Simon’s memory is a proud one that will be with us forever. 
Jason Riddell, Hong Kong

Louise, Bob, Brona and Cumbers family, you have our heartfelt sympathy. Thinking back to the Ireland visit with you, Simon was such an impressive young man. His smile, friendliness, warmth, humor, intelligence, and enthusiasm brightened every occasion. Losing Simon is a tragic loss to our world. The best to you, stay the course and time will ease the pain.
Ed Hornback and Carol Oakley, USA

I have never met Simon, but I got to know his father well during some training for ISO auditing in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. So it is no mystery to me where Simon got his cheerful nature, his sense of duty, and profound wit. Having met his father Bob, and his mother Brona, one would instantly recognise the breed. To them, and to his wife Louise, my heartfelt condolences. To the Gardner family, may Frank have a full and speedy recovery. I will raise a glass to all of you and to Simon's honour. Bless all of you and remember him the next time you gather to "Blow the forth off a few".
Wesley Clements, Greenville, Michigan, USA

My dearest Louise and Simon. I am so saddened by this shocking news that has ony just reached me. I have known you both for many years - my growing years if you like - and though I had quit the world of TV and have lived in France for over two and a half years now, I too feel like the old teams at "Channel 4 Daily" and "London Tonight" were like family members; so, despite the distance, and change in my lifestyle, you were both still often in my thoughts. Louise I cannot tell you the pain I am feeling for you, and Simon you will always be alive in the hearts of so many people who you touched on this earth with your beaming smile!  A silly thought springs to mind - I fondly remember from the production gallery how we used to love teasing Simon when he was a reporter about to go 'on air' with a live link, with the old joke "Cue Cumbers!". One that ran and ran and he never got fed up with our dismal humour. Simon you were a very special and much loved person. Lucia Emanuelli, France

It has been 7 weeks and 1 day since you were taken. I miss you so much and I just wish that I could talk to you again- to tell you that I love you and that I am so proud to call you my brother. You were always there for me no matter what and now I am truely lost without you. You will always remain special to me and to us all. Through us you will live forever..........until we meet again Si sleep tight and watch over us.  Catraoine, Ireland

I only wish that I'd had the opportunity to meet Simon. I am a friend of his father, Bob; and knowing Bob gives may great understanding as to how Simon must have inherited his good cheer and marvelous sense of humor. My heart is broken for the grief that Louise and the rest of the family must be feeling. I wish there were magic potions and kind words that could alleviate the heartache and pain. However, I do not possess the power to make all things right with the world again. Might thoughts and prayers are with you all. God Speed, Simon!  Rene Barton, Greenville, South Carolina, USA

I grew up next door to Simon and Louise, and they were the most pleasant couple to have around you. I bumped into Simon the day befor I left London to move to Dubai when he saw me out of his window and came outside to chat and catch up as I hadn't seen him for around 6 years previous to that. My parents told me he askes after me constantly, and was simply a really nice and genuine guy. I travel to Saudi regulary but wasn't aware that Simon was the unfortunate person involved in this incident until I spoke to my sister earlier today. My sincerest condolences to Louise and the rest of his family.  Herbie Ambrose, Dubai

Deepest sympathy to Simons family and friendsEugene, Therese & Eimear Cahill, Fermoy, Co Cork

Simon always made an impression…  I first met him at APTN in London. I was fresh at freelancing and fresh at APTN, he made the newness a little less intimidating with his genuine warmth and friendliness. He always had the "gift of the gab" and generously offered this "new girl" lots of practical advise on making it on my own.  Simon became a valued colleague and we crossed paths regularly on stories in London and around the world.  Just when I thought I had hit a quiet period and wanted to panic, somehow Simon would call with a job. When I needed a favour, a camera or other kit, it was Simon I would call… He was always happy to help out, nothing was ever a problem, I could hear him smile over the phone.  He will be missed, he was one of the smartest, kindest and most generous guys I knew…  Louise I am so sorry. Pelin Sidki, UK

Remembering Simon in our prayers.  Eugene Cahill (friend of Simon's brother Stephen), Ireland

Simon and I were at APTV together in the 90s and although I never had the pleasure of working directly with him - I do remember chatting with him in the Castle after a hard day's work and his constant presence and smiling face in the newsroom. My sincere condolencesGulshan Verma, ex-APTN, USA

The news of Simon's death reached remotest Auckland the day it happened. It stunned me for weeks afterwards. Simon was always the cheerful and willing voice at the other end of the phone, when I'd call up from the Planning Desk in London. I"d recommended him to my brother-in-law here in Auckland who commissioned him to film a corporate video only the week before. My deepest sympathies to Louise.  Maya Gilder, ex BBC World Planning, New Zealand

A year passed by.....just a sign to show you're not forgotten Simon! As if one could ever forget you! You'll always be in our hearts.
Dick Howth (RTE/BBC), Ireland

It was a pleasure to work with you in Lebanon, Kenya and Afghanistan. You will be missed, but your images will endure. Rest in peace in a world void of peace.  Khaled Kazziha, Kenya

I remember Simon in his St. Pats days in Navan, this tall grinning kid already bitten by the journalist bug, editing one of the school magazines. After school he'd nip off to do his stint on a local pirate radio station, Royal County Radio. (I still have a copy of a U2 album he copied for me there. A prized possession.)  We met up again years later - he in the front row of a press conference I'd given (grinning!) - and of course he got the exclusive interview! Days later we were meant to go off for a drink on his last day with Capitol Radio (I think that was its name then). Somehow I ended up stuck in studio with him, behind the scenes whispering the names of Irish politicians to him as the sound of a Dail debate came in on a live feed. And still that grin!  The last time I saw him was at the end of 1994. Albert Reynolds' government was about to fall. I was outside Leinster House and suddenly Simon appeared with a camera crew to cover it for some British station. And he was grinning, as only Simon could. And true to form he got the story right.  Only a couple of months before he died I stumbled across an email address of a Simon Cumbers. I emailed him - is that you? It was. But we never got to meet. I was in London when I saw a report in an Irish Independent I'd found that he had been killed. I walked around the streets numbed. Not Simon. Please not Simon.  Simon was a great journalist, a great gentleman, a great school-friend, a great human being. But I'll always think of that first day when he appeared down the school corridor, grinning, towering over me with that flopping hair, asking me to write for his magazine, talking about his plans for the future. It may have been a short future, but one where he lived his dreams.  To Louise and his Irish family, words cannot express how sorry I feel for your loss. Somehow I feel though that he is looking down on us, grinning that grin and running around heaven with a camera crew following, looking for that big interview with God. And knowing Simon, getting it.  Jim Duffy, Ireland

I have discovered this page very recently. Looking through all the contributions, what strikes me most is that Simon was the same to all of us – a bright, smiling, fearless gentle man. Most of us wear different mask for the different performances we undertake in life; not so with Simon - he was always Simon. I remember him first as a cub reporter, with a huge blue microphone, working for a struggling new independent radio in Dublin in 1990. He was just a kid, but he had guts, was persuasive, and was fun. He even persuaded that cash-strapped radio station to send him to Damascus for a few days to cover one of the many “releases of Brian Keenan” !! Simon was always following the story. Simon had that knack of turning up. I recall, years later, falling out of my office in Brussels after many days of work post 9/11, to be confronted by Simon’s smiling face. He was there, of course, to cover the EU Summit on 9/11.  Simon was always a smiling face. But it was not just a face that smiled; it was the person that made you smile too and feel good. He was a great sunflower and Louis his great hollyhock.  Despite the horror of last June, I cannot think of Simon, the sunflower, without smiling through the tears. Kisses to you Louise, on this very special day of remembrance, 4 November 2004. I cannot be with you physically, but you and Simon are in my thoughts all day long. Michael Forbes, Brussels and other places along the way

Dear Louise, over 12 months later and it is still too hard to believe. Your love and strength are amazing. Simon had so much goodness and I can still feel it and see him now. He will always be with you. Much love to you. 
Julie Mitchell, England

Louise, as one of the masses who listened to the BBC news in June 2004,
I confess, the terrible news of Simon's murder sort of got caught up in
the general news of destruction and sadness in the Middle East. And then
I met Frank Gardner on Tuesday in Berlin. And when I came home I began
to read up about it. And I found the Locum Productions website. And I
found this page. And I read what others have said about your husband.
And I wept. Words always seem inadequate when it comes to expressing
condolence and deep sadness. I hope that the values that you & Simon
worked for together have kept you looking at the good in this world. 
Katharine, UK, March 2007

Dear Louise,  Just to let you know that we are holding you in prayers as it is soon going to be 3 years since we all lost Simon. I first met him in the UK
when I was still a trainee journalist. Once I started to work full time,
he gave me endless tips on camera work and reporting for the BBC. He
talked about you and asked about my family, life in the Middle East,
Catholics in India and when my camera work was not all that great, he
would still compliment me on the white spacing! He will always be my
favourite cameraman. He was so full of life and I have never seen him
without a grin on his face. He is still very much in our thoughts and my
2 year old little boy Kenneth shares his birthday with Simon. May his
soul rest in peace. Take care, Louise. 
God bless.
Linda & Dr George, Dubai, May 2007


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